Full Mouth Bridges called All on 4 Dental Implants are not created equal:

  1. Hybrid Dentures
  2. Hybridge Full Implant Teeth
  3. Prettau Zirconia Implant Bridge
  4. Bruxzir Full Arch Bridge

What are all these All on Four Options and Which one is Best?

bruxzir vs hybrid denturehybrid denture

What Full Mouth implant option is best is a very complicated question. What are the pros and cons of different full implant teeth options? What makes one solution different than another?

The Biggest difference is the kind of material used to make the implant teeth – Acrylic Plastic vs Zirconia

Pros and Cons of Acrylic Teeth:

Acrylic is basically plastic. Implant Full Bridges made of acrylic are called Hybrid Dentures. A Hybrid Denture is basically a full mouth denture made on top of a piece of metal that is screwed onto 4-6 implants.

  • Acrylic dentures can break easily or teeth can break off from the underlying metal structure.
  • Hybrid Dentures are somewhat porous and absorb bacteria and food stains. The material will begin to smell and discolor over time.
  • Acrylic teeth cost less than other full mouth implant options made out of Zirconia.
  • Hybrid teeth due to the nature of plastic have some movement and flexibility. The teeth will not be completely stable on chewing and more imbalanced pressure can be placed onto the supporting implants.
  • Acrylic teeth may last 5 to 10 years before needing to be replaced due to bad odors, the teeth becoming unsightly from staining, wear or breaking down.
  • Hybrid Acrylic teeth need to be repaired more often. For repairs the teeth need to be removed and sent to the a lab for repairs. Over time, acrylic teeth will cost more money due to repairs and because they do not last a lifetime.
  • Acrylic implant bridges do not look as natural as porcelain and zirconia. They look and feel like plastic. The acrylic teeth have a tendency to be thicker and bulkier too.
  • Zirconia implant bridges are quite a bit more stable and have a structure that minimizes any stress on supporting implants.

Pros and Cons of Zirconia Full Mouth Bridges:

Zirconia implant teeth such as Bruxzir and Prettau is made by a machine much like a 3D printer. The teeth are designed by a computer and a template. Once the design is complete, the implant bridge is milled out of a solid block of non metal, teeth colored material called zirconia. There are two primary kinds of Zirconia All on 4 implant teeth: Prettau Bridges and Bruxzir Full Arch Implant Teeth.

Pros and Cons of Prettau and Bruxzir Zirconia Implant Bridges:

  • Zirconia full mouth implant teeth is very durable and does not easily break. Since the bridge is made of one block of material, there cannot be teeth breaking off of a metal underlying structure because the entire implant prosthesis is made out of one block of zirconia.
  • Prettau is non-pourous and will not absorb bacteria and food particles. It will not over time discolor and begin to smell.
  • Bruxzir Full Arch is highly polishable and looks a feels very smooth and natural.
  • Zirconia full mouth implants can be very strong when it is thin. Thinner means increased comfort.
  • Looks much more natural than acrylic All on 4. Zirconia looks life like and not at all like plastic. Very smooth and textured like natural teeth.
  • not absorbing bacteria means decreased risk of gum disease and implant failure.

Bruxzir vs Prettau Zirconia Implant Teeth:

Both are made out of Zirconia and are very durable and beautiful. Both are installed permanently into the mouth and can replace full mouth of teeth with implant supported bridges such as All on 4 and All on 6 Implant bridges. Basically the biggest differenct is two different manufactures of a very similar product. Your implant dentist may have a preference for one over the other, but either option, but the end result is much the same. As long as you understand the difference between Hybrid Dentures and Zirconia All on 4, you can make an informed decision.

Hybridge is just a marketing company that sends patients to participating dentists. The dentists make zirconia and acrylic implant teeth options. The same is true of Next Day Teeth. All on 4 zirconia implant teeth require a tooth implant dentist to install 4 to 6 dental implants per jaw.

Zirconia implants can work for implant dentures, but the locator attachments are more durable and maintainable if done with titanium implants.

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