What is the Twin Block Orthodontic Appliance

What is the Twin Block Orthodontic Growth Appliance

twin block anterior growth expanderDr. Adams may use the Trim Block appliance when the lower jaw needs to grow a lot more forward than the upper jaw. In kids where the lower jaw is set back and there is a poor facial profile in the bottom part of the face. This condition is called retrognathia. The Twink Block is often called a functional orthodontic treatment. “Functional” means to move the lower jaw posture position forward to improve the way your teeth bite together.

The appliance consists of a top and bottom appliance which you wear at the same time. Each of the appliances has a little bite ramp which interlock when closing to help guide your teeth into a more forward bite position. This will improve the growth of the bottom jaw and the overall bite a child’s profile. Functional orthodontics improved airway also by increasing the space in the mouth for the tongue and getting the tongue’s position to be further forward and out of the throat and airway.

The Twin Block can also be designed to have width and forward expansion of both the upper a lower jaws. It is a more aggressive and versatile appliance to be work in more extreme cases of underdevelopment.

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