Complete Mouth of Implants with Individual Crowns & Bridges

Replace All Teeth with Implants & Zirconia Crowns vs All on 4

Complete Mouth of Implants with Individual Crowns and Bridges

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A superior alternative to all on 4 is to get individual implants and crowns to replace all teeth. As close to like teeth are naturally. If you are looking for the Mercedes Benz of full mouth implant solutions, here it is. The implant option is not one big bridge or connected set of teeth like most complete implant prosthetics. We call this option “full mouth of implants.” All on 4 implants is one full upper or lower one-piece bridge supported by only 4 implants.



Benefits of Getting Complete Individual Implants and Crowns

complete individual implants and crownsThe benefits of individual crowns and bridges is separate teeth feel less thick and less bulky and more natural. Individual teeth can be flossed and brushed like natural teeth and it just feels more normal and thin than having one big set of teeth in your mouth. Also, if there is ever a problem with a tooth, you do not have a problem with your entire set of teeth.

20+ Implants are Needed for Individual Implants and Crowns

A full mouth of teeth can be replaced by placing 20-24 individual implants. Followed by the same number of crowns and bridge teeth. The disadvantages of having separate individual implant teeth is the need to place several more implants. It is a lot more expensive to replace all your teeth this way. I can also require a lot more gum and bone grafting. Obviously this can take a lot more healing time and cost a lot more money. This option is usually reserved to those who have more recently lost teeth. Or have a bad set of teeth and need all their teeth replaced. These candidates usually have a lot of bone for more implants and will not require more healing time and expensive bone grafting.

all on 4 vs individual implants and crowns on all teeth

All on 4

Our practice is located in Burtonsville near Silver Spring and Columbia Maryland. This full mouth implant solution is the best solution because it most closely mimics the look, feel and function of natural teeth. The implant teeth are small, smooth and thin and a comparable profile to natural teeth. The full mouth solution is permanent and very durable. The teeth are cleaned like natural teeth with the same brushing and flossing strategies. This full mouth solution of tooth implants is also the most expensive because it involves expensive zirconia crowns and a lot of teeth implants and implant abutments. zirconia-ceramic metal free implants can be uses for this option.


full mouth implant dentistDr Adams sees patients from Maryland, DC, Virginia, across the USA and abroad. Dr. Adams has successfully placed thousands of implants and is a consultant, instructor and speaker for the implant company Zeramex. Zeramex is the leading manufacturer of zirconia implants in the world and is based out of Switzerland. Dr. Adams can handle cases involving one up to a full mouth of implants. Dr. Adams performs his own implant surgery and fits and places all his own implant teeth. He is also licensed in IV sedation dentistry.

“I very much enjoy seeing my patient’s implant cases from start to finish…it brings me a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction…”

Benefits of Replacing All Teeth with Individual Implants:

  1. very thin and comfortable teeth
  2. teeth that function and feel like natural teeth
  3. hygiene is the same as natural teeth with the same brushing and flossing as natural teeth
  4. durable teeth that do not stain or discolor over time
  5. teeth stay permanently in the mouth
  6. very minimal bone loss since there are lots of implants for bony support

Complete Individual implants Vs Clear Choice All on 4:

  1. very expensive
  2. lots of implant surgery and possibly bone grafting with PRF
  3. requires lots of bone for all the implants

Very few patients will do this case due to the cost. Some may also not have the bone and also not willing to do extensive bone grafting. Platelet Rich Fibrin PRF dental implant technique has made grafting a lot easier and more predictable. This full mouth option will definitely not work for people who have been missing all their teeth for a long time. All on 4 implants is a more affordable option and the implant teeth also stay permanently in the mouth. Removable implant dentures is a very affordable full mouth implant options, but the teeth are not placed permanently in the mouth.

Many people cannot get this option because it requires having enough bone everywhere in the jaws where all the implants need to be placed. All on 4 on the other hand only requires  bone in 4-6 sites per jaw where the implants need to be placed. Lots of bone grafting can cost the patient multiple surgeries, increased expense and treatment times up to a year prior to case completion. With new bone grafting technologies such as I-prf, L-prf, ozone and conventional grafting products, many more cases are now able to be done.

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