What is the Best Way to Replace All Teeth With Dental Implants?

should I remove all my teeth and get implantsThe short answer is yes, the best way to replace a full mouth of teeth (assuming you need to replace all you teeth) is to do a full mouth of dental implants. Full mouth permanent implants are better than conventional dentures and partial dentures because they stay permanently in the mouth and do not need to be removed. Implants also prevent bone loss and typically are a life-long investment. Full mouth Implant bridges and crowns can be made of high quality zirconia and look and feel much like natural teeth. Dentures, on other hand, typically are made of acrylic and feel bulky, fake and like plastic. Implant teeth are very stable and stay fixed in the mouth. Conventional dentures become easily dislodged during eating and talking.

There are three ways to do Full mouth Dental Implants:

  1. All on 4 Dental Implants
  2. Individual Zirconia Crowns and Bridges on top of a Full mouth of implant teeth
  3. Dental Implant Dentures or Implant over dentures. This 3rd option is not as popular because it is not permanent and is removable.

is all on 4 a good idea or should I save my teeth

Dr. Gary Adams DDS is a natural holistic dentist by philosophy. He has been replacing teeth permanently with implants for over 15 years. Many tooth implant recipients have lost teeth from decay, root canal failures, TMJ-TMD – teeth clenching issues. “No one should have to accept tooth loss…my job is to not only repair and replace teeth but to also prevent future tooth loss by diagnosing and correcting the cause…”It is also important to evaluate saving some of your natural teeth…once you remove your natural teeth you can not put them back.”

Other Options to Replace a Full Mouth of Teeth:

  1. Conventional Dentures
  2. Don’t Remove all your natural teeth. Consider saving your natural teeth. Saving your natural teeth may involve removing some bad teeth that are not fixable or repairable.
  3. Do a partial mouth of implants. Save some of your natural teeth and replacing some of your teeth with dental implants. Sometimes, it costs less and the result can be better when just replacing some of your teeth with dental implants.

Partial Mouth of Dental Implants:

Often times the best option is to save all your good teeth, remove only the bad ones and replace only the teeth you need with individual implants and implant crowns and bridges. Sometimes extracting all your teeth is too aggressive. While full mouth implant options are wonderful, removing perfectly good teeth may not be the best option. You should consider how long saved teeth will last relative to implants and if saving teeth will compromise your result. For example, if keeping teeth will not look as nice and your are very susceptible to losing teeth and getting cavities and gum disease, it may be better to remove all your teeth and replace with a Full Mouth of Dental Implants. On the other had is your back teeth are good and you only need to replace your front teeth, it may be better to keep your back teeth and replace your front ones with a front tooth implant bridge.

What is All on 4 Dental Implants?

replace all teeth with dental implantsAll on 4 is a way to replace a full upper or lower set of natural teeth with a Full mouth permanent implant bridge. The implant dentist removes all the natural teeth, places 4 or more dental implants and the implants are used to support a full mouth permanent implant bridge. All on 4 is a great option and is a lot less expensive than replacing all your teeth with individual implants and crowns. Be careful here, because it is necessary to remove all your teeth to do All on 4. It may be better to save some of your teeth and replace only the bad ones with implants. You should discuss what implant option is best with your implant dentist. Clear Choice is a national chain for dental implants that sells the All on 4 concept as their primary product. All on four may not be the best solution for everyone. Once you have removed your teeth, you cannot put them back. Make sure you understand the cost of All on 4 and all the pros and cons prior to removing your natural teeth.

Full Mouth Dental Implants with Individual Implants and Single Crowns and Bridges


This option is self explanatory. All natural teeth are extracted and 20-25 dental implants are used to replace all natural teeth with individual implant crowns and implant bridges.

Bone Grafting, Gum Grafting and PRF Dental Stem Cells:

Very often implants may need Bone Grafting with Platelet Rich Fibrin or PRF dental treatments. Also it may not be possible in all cases to remove teeth and perform implant surgery in the same day. This is called immediate implant surgery. Due to bone loss and infection it may be necessary to remove teeth and place the implants at a later date – Delayed implant Placement.

Same Day Teeth or Teeth in a Day

It is almost always possible to deliver new teeth the same day all your teeth are removed. However, you do not need to be a dentist to know implants do not heal in 10 seconds and holes in you gum will heal and change shape. Therefore no dentist can complete a full mouth of dental implant case in one day unless he/she can turn water into wine. The good news is we can sedate you with IV sedatives, remove all your teeth, place several dental implants and deliver temporary teeth the Same Day. Then you will need to heal for 2-4 months at which point we can make your All on 4 or Full Mouth of Dental Implants. Typically this process only involves one day of surgery and the rest is easy.

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