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Advantages of Metal-Free Zirconia Implants


zirconia implant advantages


The biggest reason to get zirconia implants is they are white like teeth. Zirconia implants will never show a metal color by the gumline. And there will never be metal corrosion, metal allergies or sensitivities to a ceramic implant because they are metal free. Both zirconia and titanium are biocompatible, but ceramic implants have the edge in this area. There are many reasons not to get titanium and zirconia implants, but in general implants have more pros than cons.


Titanium Implants have been the gold standard


Titanium has been the preferred material for dental implants for the last 40 years. Titanium implants are affordable and they produce very satisfactory results compared to dentures and false teeth. Putting titanium implant roots into the jaw is a simple process for a trained implant surgeon and a fairly routine outpatient procedure for the patient. Thus titanium implants have become increasingly popular over the years, but there have been some reasons for concerns more recently.


Do titanium implants corrode and cause metal allergies?



titanium implant corrosion


Research has shown titanium can corrode over time in biological systems, causing allergies, sensitivities and possibly even implant rejection. Due to these concerns, other non metal implant options such as zirconia implants (made of ceramic) are increasing in popularity. Zirconia implants have been done since the 1980s in Europe and in the USA since 2007. Zirconia has many benefits since it receives comparable results to titanium, is non-metal and tooth colored.


Zirconia is an Alternative to Titanium


Zirconia dental implants have not been around for as long as titanium, but they are quickly gaining recognition. These ceramic implants made their debut in the U.S. in 2007, but dentists were using them in Europe since the 1980s.


Zirconia has a Lower Risk of Allergic Reactions


Scientific research revealed that many people have allergies to metal, specifically nickel and titanium. When these metals are present in the mouth, it can cause reaction or in the case of titanium, unexplained implant failure immediately or years later. Ceramic, or non-metal implants, pose no threat for allergic reactions to metal because zirconia is not a metal.


Zirconia is better for Thin or Receding Gums


Titanium implants can show on people who have thin or receding gums. The implants can corrode and tattoo the gum so it starts looking gray and metallic. It is also possible to see the metal of the implant through thin gum tissue. This is obviously a cosmetic problem for any tooth showing metal in the smile zone. This is not the case when people choose ceramic implants since the entire implant looks natural and tooth-colored.


More Attractive and Cosmetic


Ceramic dental implants are white, which means they are most like the color of people’s teeth. Most people who have these types of implants report that no one ever notices they have them.


Just as Stable


Zirconia implants are just as stable as metal ones because they have similar bone to implant contact. People who choose non-metal teeth implants will experience similar or better success with them. Ceramic can be used to replace single teeth or to replace all teeth with full mouth implants.


Better for the Mouth


Zirconia is better for the mouth than titanium. Titanium implants tend to accumulate more plaque than ceramic. Less plaque means fewer oral issues, such as gingivitis.


Zirconia is not a Conductor of Electric Charge


Ceramic is not a conductor of electric charge, and that means there’s no risk of corrosion with them like metal-based implants.


Zirconia Implants are Biocompatible


Biocompatible means the body accepts the ceramic in the body. Metal is not completely biocompatible since it corrodes. That means as a metal corrodes and breaks down, the immune system can be stimulated to attack because it detects a foreign body. This is the reason titanium dental implants have a greater risk of failure than titanium. And this is especially the case with people with metal allergies and sensitivities.


Withstands Pressure


When many people think about ceramic, they immediately envision their dental implants breaking. This is not accurate. Ceramic implants are strong and durable. They actually can withstand great pressure, which has surprised many people.




People who choose zirconia implants report they are comfortable. They also say that chewing with them is easy, and much like chewing with their natural teeth. This is because of their biocompatibility and strength.




People who are search for holistic dentistry near me are happy to know that ceramic implants are the most biological choice. They do not influence movement or block energy flow through the meridians of the body. At least not to according to most acupuncturists and integrative energy specialists.


Lower Incidence of Infection


Zirconia implants have a one-piece design instead of two piece one like titanium. A two-piece design means there’s a small opening between the two parts that could lead to getting bacteria stuck in it. This can lead to inflammation, bone loss, and implant failure. This is not an issue with ceramic implant’s with one-piece structure. Some zirconia implants have two piece design, but in general zirconia as a material collects less bacteria than titanium because the nature of zirconia as a material.


One Surgery


Non-metal implants are built to be placed into the mouth immediately following tooth extraction. This can be much more comforting to patients. This also minimizes the implantation time and speeds up healing.


Lower Risk of Infection from Surgery


Since the surgery is less invasive than metal implants, there’s little chance of infection. People are more likely to want to choose surgeries that have a lower risk of infection because that would entail more recovery time.


Easier to Maintain


Ceramic implants are much easier to take care because they are most like natural teeth. They also don’t harbor bacteria like metal ones do.


Improve the Jaw Line


Implants made from ceramic fit into the mouth differently than those made of metal. Many people report that they like the look of their jaw line with ceramic implants.


No Adhesives


Since metal-free implants are strong and stable, they do not need messy adhesives to keep them in place. No one would ever want to deal with that. All they want are implants that look and function like natural teeth.


Less Likely to Have Bad Breath


Ceramic is bioinert, so it is less likely to absorb odor. Metal ones can absorb odor, so some people complain that they have to do more to keep bad breath away.


Reduced Dental-Related Health Concerns


Since the chances of infection, inflammation, and other oral issues are less, people do not have to worry about health concerns that can arise from periodontal diseases. With metal dental implants, gingivitis and periodontal diseases can lead to diabetes, heart disease, and many other life-threatening conditions. Zirconia implants help with gum disease. Periodontal disease is known to have an autoimmune component. Zirconia implants may be a better choice after gum disease, since they are more biocompatible than titanium.


No Metal Pitting


Metal-free implants don’t suffer from pitting like metal ones do, even if they have a lot of pressure applied on them with eating hard foods. Since they do not end up with pits, they don’t end up with the corrosion and bacteria-related issues like titanium does.


Peace of Mind


Zirconia dental implants simply provide better peace of mind over titanium ones. Since they are better for your body, look better, and provide the stability and strength you need, you can go through life feeling good about your choice in dental implants.


Choosing Metal-Free Dental Implants


Ceramic implants are rising in popularity because they are the better type of implants available in the dentistry industry. Many dentists will try to dissuade people from getting them because they prefer to use titanium, but it’s not the best choice for patients. Consider all of the reasons above for why ceramic implants are a much better option, and then decide if they are better for you.

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