Holistic Oral Surgery – Tooth Extractions with PRF

Holistic Tooth Removal in Burtonsville Silver Spring Maryland

oral surgeonAre you looking for a dentist for holistic tooth removal. We are located in Burtonsville near Silver Spring and Columbia Maryland? Dr. Gary Adams is one of the best dental surgeons who performs tooth extraction in the DC and Maryland areas. Patients travel from all over the DC metro area, USA and abroad. Dr. Adams is most sought out because of his natural and biological approach to oral surgery including 1) dental ozone 2) PRF platelet rich fibrin and 3) natural bone graft techniques. Our patients experience short recovery times, very little pain / swelling because of our novel platelet rich fibrin PRF dental and ozone therapies.

Dr. Adams will never use any unnecessary drugs or chemicals. Dr. Adams also can do full sedation dentistry for tooth removal surgery.

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Dental Extraction Services:

  1. Impacted Tooth Removal
  2. Wisdom Tooth Removal
  3. Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal
  4. Tooth Implants
  5. Bone Graft Surgery
  6. Gum Grafting
  7. PRF or Platelet Rich Fibrin treatment
  8. Full Sedation
  9. CBCT 3D X-ray Scan or Cone Beam
  10. Sinus Lift Bone Graft

Platelet Rich Fibrin aka PRF in Implants andTeeth Removal, Bone Graft Surgery

oral surgeon burtonsville columbia mdPlatelet Rich Plasma aka PRF is a novel therapy used during tooth removal, dental implant surgery. PRF accelerates healing, decreases pain and swelling after oral surgery procedures. Dr. Adams prefers to use PRF with all tooth extractions (but he does not require it). Dental ozone / oxygen gas therapy is always used for every oral surgery procedure.

Dr. Adams as a tooth removal dentist says “it is as easy as 1-2-3.”

  1. Remove tooth as carefully, painlessly and quickly as possible
  2. Remove the periodontal ligament and all cyst /granular tissue
  3. Treat extraction site with ozone and oxygen gas
  4. place platelet rich fibrin / PRF into the extraction site. The PRF is derived from a blood sample Dr. Adams takes in the office much like a blood draw for any medical test. The blood is placed in a centrifuge and the PRF yield is extracted. It looks like yellow jello. (and yes that is “4” items, i know)

Holistic Tooth Removal Services employ traditional oral surgery techniques augmented with Platelet or PRF therapies and oxygen and ozone gas treatments. Natural surgical techniques speed-up healing, decrease swelling and discomfort following tooth removal, implants and bone grafts surgery. 

Dr Adams also has a special biological technique for root canal tooth removal.

Same Day Emergency Tooth Removal Dentist:

holistic oral surgeon If you have a tooth ache, we will see you same-day and do whatever is necessary to relieve tooth pain. Including same-day tooth removal. Can you get “put to sleep for Wisdom Tooth Removal?” Yes. sleep dentistry is available for oral surgery in Burtonsville near Silver Spring and Columbia Maryland. Tooth pain is a dental emergency.  We remove both erupted and impacted teeth, including wisdom teeth. In fact, we will do full sedation dentistry for any dental procedure including fillings and dental cleanings if necessary

Best Time to Replace Teeth after Tooth Removal

The best time to replace a tooth with a dental implant is on the day of tooth extraction. Why go through more than one Sedation and oral surgery procedure? We perform immediate implant placements, that is a dental implant placed at the time of tooth extraction. At the time of extraction, there is already a “hole” i the jaw or that is a tooth extraction socket. Why return later to have a new “hole” created. Research shows an immediate dental implant placement is not only saves time, but produces a better result.

Cosmetic Implants and Ceramic Zirconia Implant Dentist

We have cosmetic tooth colored, metal-free zirconia implants as well as titanium dental implants. Since we are a full dental implant center we place crowns and dental implants.

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