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Maryland Holistic Dentist-Holistic and Biological Dentistry Near Me


Maryland Holistic Dentist uses a biological approach to dental procedures in a clean, mercury free and fluoride free dental office. Some of the biological things we use in our office include ozone therapy, dental PRF and metal free zirconia dental implants. We utilize special air systems to filter out toxins including mercury gases, vapors and other harmful aerosols. Dr Adams is IAOMT accredited and we always provide safe removal of mercury when removing amalgam fillings. We have advanced 3D cone beam imaging for diagnosing root canals and other jaw bone infections. In addition to generally treating our patients in a holistic way, our practice has a special focus in the areas of


What is a Holistic Dentist


Holistic dentists go to dental school and pass all the same tests to become dentists as regular dentists. They pass the dental boards. Holistic dentists have the same state licenses and are held to all the same standards of care. After dental school, a dentist can choose to get training at different places that teach holistic dentistry techniques. Some of these places include:


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What to Expect in a Holistic Dentistry Office?


Holistic dentists have a wide range of different training experiences from one provider to another. Just like regular dentists. Some do oral surgery, orthodontics, gum procedures. The materials are often different because holistic materials typically have fewer chemicals and toxins and need to be biocompatible. Some of the different things holistic dentists do are:

  • ceramic fillings
  • safe amalgam removal
  • dental ozone infused into cavities and extraction sites
  • PRF or platelet rich fibrin
  • holistic dental implants


How do Dentists Become Holistic?


Holistic dentists go to the same dental schools as traditional dentists and get the same DDS or DMD degree. Many of them even go on to become orthodontists, gum specialists or even oral surgeons. Holistic training is in addition to regular dental school training. A good filling, still needs to be a good filling. And oral surgery still needs to be done such as pull a tooth out. But a holistic dentist will select materials that have the fewest chemicals and are very biocompatible. Holistic dentists will use ozone along with fillings, crowns and oral surgery. In this way the holistic dentistry just makes the regular dentistry better. There is nothing weird or quacky about it.


What Conditions do Holistic Dentists Treat?


Holistic dentists treat all the same conditions as conventional dentists. They just do so in a more holistic way that respects human biology.

  • cavities
  • tooth aches
  • orthodontics
  • palate expanders
  • oral surgery
  • gum procedures


How are Holistic and Biological Dentists Different?


A holistic dentist is one who believes oral health is an integral part of overall health. By understanding the connection of oral and overall health, holistic dentists become a valuable member of the medical team. Teeth are connected to other organs in the body by meridians.

In contrast, the goal of biological dentistry is to treat dental problems while working in harmony with the biology and natural function of the body. Teeth are living organs in the body and perform vital life processes.  Biologic dentistry recognizes teeth are living things. Teeth have the capacity to heal themselves. It is important to treat teeth in a way that does not harm or disrupt organic vital processes. Holistic and biological dentistry are similar and go together like birds and bees. A few examples of unique services in a biological office include ozone therapy, metal free zirconia implants, and prf platelet rich fibrin.


We are located in Spencerville/Burtonsville Maryland


Dr. Adams preselects materials that are metal-free, safe and biocompatible. “Every material placed into the mouth has an impact on our biology,” says Dr. Adams…”We should select those with the smallest and safest biological impact possible.” Dr. Adams has been replacing teeth permanently with implants for 19 years. Teeth are frequently lost from decay, root canal failure, and teeth clenching issues. “No one should have to accept losing teeth…my job is to repair and replace teeth while respecting overall health and biology… and also prevent future teeth loss by diagnosing and correcting the underlying cause…”

Dental Implants, Holistic Dentistry & Orthodontics


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Dr. Adams is a holistic dentist who uses a biological and natural approach to all procedures. Adams’ special areas of practice include teeth implants, sedation, TMJ pain and breathing disorders such as mouth breathing. Some of the orthodontic expanders he uses include the ALF, Schwarz, Homeoblock and Vivos DNA appliances. Dr. Adams also uses palatal expanders for children with crowded teeth, under bite, cross bite and over bite. We also treat mouth breathing, pediatric sleep apnea problems and tongue and lip ties.

Popular Services for New Patients:



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Maryland Holistic Dentist is an Integrative Dental Practice. Dr. Adams’ focus is restoring oral health and correcting the root cause of any dentally-related health problems. A beautiful smile should not harm your overall health. Procedures we do include:



Gary Adams DDS is accredited by the IAOMT for SMART amalgam filling removal. Dr Adams is also trained in the Hal Huggins-Blanche Grube Protocol. Some of the biocompatible materials we use include BPA free Admira Fusion (porcelain) filling material, metal-free zirconia crowns, fluoride free treatments, non-metal ceramic dental implants. There are many benefits to zirconia implants vs titanium such as better biocompatibility and gum health. A very popular natural holistic treatment is oxygen and ozone therapy in the treatment of jaw bone infections, tooth cavities, and infected root canals. Ozone therapy is a mixture of O2/O3 gas. Ozone is very effective in treating bacteria and fungal infection and promoting healing by oxygenation of biological tissues. Ozone is especially useful in treating root canal infections. Explore alternatives to root canals.

If you are searching for a holistic dentist near Burtonsville, Silver Spring, or Columbia Maryland, who will consider your overall health as an important part of your dental care, we will do just that at Maryland Holistic Dentist  We pre-select the safest mercury-free materials that are the most biocompatible for all the dental procedures we perform. We also take every safety precaution possible when removing metals such as mercury and other harmful materials from your mouth. We always recommend the most conservative, safest option such as implants vs teeth bridges.

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