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Oral Sedation Dentist for Mild to Moderate Fear, Anxiety of the Dentist Office

Oral Sedation DentistryDr. Adams very much enjoys his role as an oral sedation dentist. He loves providing oral sedation among other options to calm his patients. He has sympathy for those who avoid and are scared of the dentist.

Oral sedatives are great for patients with mild to moderate anxiety, fear and discomfort during dentist appointments. It does not involve IVs and works slowly and effectively. Oral sedation is often done with a pill or a medication placed under the tongue. Sometimes oral sedatives are used in with dental gas as a cocktail.

During oral sedation dentistry, patients may not be asleep but rather in a relaxed but conscious state. Patients will typically report quite a pleasant experience and that they were not bothered by their dental procedure much at all. Many do not remember the experience at all or say that it went very quickly even though the appointment was a few hours long.

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