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“All on 4” Replaces all Teeth with 4 Implants


all on 4 implant teeth


What is “All on 4 implants” anyway? All on 4 dental implants is a permanent replacement for failing natural or false teeth. Permanent implants needs four to six implants per jaw to permanently support a replacement set of new teeth. The result is a permanent set of implant teeth configured as a one-piece set of teeth permanently installed onto the group of implants. The “All on x” protocol was invented by Nobel Biocare and still is in very wide use today. For example, All on 4 is 80% of Clear Choice implants business model.


A Guide to All on 4 Permanent Implants


Are you ready to trade in your false teeth for teeth that stay in your mouth? How does throwing away the denture glue and getting teeth permanently installed into your mouth sound?  All on 4 is the most popular and affordable way to permanently replace a full set of upper and/or lower teeth with fixed implant bridges.



Cost of All on 4 Dental Implants


Our fees are $45,000 – $55,000 for complete removal and replacement or an entire mouth with All on four dental implants. For just an entire upper or lower, we charge $25,000 – $35,000. The fee includes temporary teeth inserted on the day of surgery, getting put to sleep (not required), all the oral surgery and premium zirconia implant teeth. Note: Many offices flash you a low price and give you acrylic plastic teeth and generic implants. More details below.


What is All on 4 Dental implants Animation Video


YouTube video


All on 4 Implants Before and After


All on 4 implants before and after


Meet Shelly who is more than happy with her new implant teeth. The All on 4 before and after speaks for itself.


Meet Dr. Gary Adams


Dr. Adams has completed thousands of implant cases. Adams also has an additional license for IV sedation dentistry. He uses proven conventional implant dentistry with a holistic approach including PRF and bone grafting techniques. Our holistic treatments prevent infection, decrease healing time, pain and swelling.


Contact us for a complimentary consultation including 3D X-rays 


all on four dental implants


“I am Dr. Gary Adams. I will see your case through from beginning to end. You will not need to see another dentist. I have been replacing teeth permanently with teeth implants for over 20 years. Many people lose teeth from decay, root canal failures and TMJ. “No one should accept tooth loss and need to accept loose dentures.” 


Insist on Zirconia Teeth for your All on 4 Case


Educate yourself about the different kinds of teeth that are used for All on 4 implants. Some are made with gorgeous zirconia and other teeth are made out of acrylic plastic just like dentures. There is a big difference. Make sure you know what you are paying for and if you don’t know, you are getting plastic because it is a lot less expensive to manufacture. The odds are if it is made by an in house lab at a chain dental office, you are getting plastic. The teeth are made by specialty labs. Anything “same-day” or manufactured by an in-house lab is acrylic plastic.

Snap-On Dentures is also a great less expensive full mouth implant option. But they do come in and out of the mouth.


Can all the teeth be replaced in a day?


Yes, we remove all the bad old teeth and you get a set of new teeth the same day. Often, marketing on the internet and TV commercials by Clear Choice implants can be confusing if not misleading. Call for a no cost consultation with Dr. Adams. Dr. Adams will review your case and compare our plan to Clear Choice cost and plan. Read the blog post about Why All on 4 should not be finished in one day.


Clear Choice All on 4 Dental Implants


Permanent implants never come out of the mouth. Clear Choice dental implant center and Nobel Biocare have popularized replacing a full set of teeth with 4-6 implants and a fixed set of implant teeth. The implant teeth are made of a plastic-like material called acrylic or a porcelain-like material called zirconia. The acrylic teeth stain, discolor and break in a period of 1-3 years. Get the zirconia teeth. Zirconia teeth have a lifetime warranty and rarely wear out or break. Full mouth implants cost 45-55K in our office including sedation from beginning to end for full permanent implants with zirconia. We do not cut corners with generic implants. Permanent implants with zirconia teeth cost 50k on the average in the US. Clear Choice Implants is by far the most cost effective and satisfactory service. Especially when the solution is compared to the function of natural teeth.

Dr. Adams Compared to Clear Choice Implants:


  1.  We are not a national chain like Clear Choice.
  2. Dr. Adams will complete your entire case including the implants, the teeth on top and any necessary sedation dentistry.
  3. Dr. Adams helps you understand all the different options and takes a complete interest in your care, comfort and satisfaction. Dr Adams is not going to offer you a one-size-fits-all solution like McDonalds tries to sell everyone a hamburger.


Zirconia vs Acrylic Complete Implant Teeth


There are many different teeth options used for All on 4 teeth. Some are made of plastic and feel thick like dentures (hybrid dentures) and others are smooth, thin, and made of porcelain and zirconia. Read this about how not all “All on 4 implant” cases are created equal. Understand what teeth you are getting. If you don’t know, you are getting plastic because the zirconia teeth (Bruxzir and Prettau) are a lot more expensive. If the dentist is using an in house lab, you are getting plastic/acrylic. New all zirconia-porcelain teeth are made by multimillion dollar teeth milling units and are unaffordable by dentist offices.


All on 4 dental implants video:


YouTube video


Benefits of Permanent Implant Bridges:


  1. Less implant surgery healing time than other full mouth permanent implant options such as a full mouth of individual implants and bridges.
  2. Less expensive than a full mouth of individual implants
  3. Is fixed/permanent and not removable like snap-on dentures
  4. Fewer Implants and less expensive than other full mouth implant options
  5. Less PRF and bone grafting and oral surgery than many other implant options
  6. requires less bone to be present for permanent implant teeth.
  7. All on four is the best option for people looking to upgrade from traditional dentures to permanent implants.
  8. Faster healing and recovery time than other full implant options due to less surgery.
  9. Prevents bone loss and facial tissue loss as compared to dentures
  10. Provides permanent tooth replacement that functions similarly to natural teeth. No more denture glue. Eating corn, apples and ribs is no longer a problem.
  11. All on 4 permanent implant bridges never get cavities, decay, need root canals.


How are All on 4 Reviews?


Implants have many benefits, but All on 4 dental implant problems do exist. The outcome for people getting complete implants, really depends on setting an appropriate expectation and the skill of the implant specialist and the dentist and lab doing the case. Clear Choice dental implants has made all on four very popular. The biggest advantage for our practice vs Clear Choice is Dr. Adams will complete your entire case from start to finish. With one implant expert doing your case there is less opportunity for miscommunication or transitional mistakes.


How do All on Four Implants Work?


The process of receiving All on four involves evaluation, treatment and healing. Dr Adams will start by providing a no cost consultation to learn about your expectations and needs. We will then perform a complete evaluation including a 3D xray or CBCT scan of the structure of your jaws. The next step involves placing four to six dental implants for the best possible results. Proper placement of these implants is crucial. Unlike other options, All on 4 can work in areas where bone loss has occurred, making it a more ideal option for those who have suffered from ill-fitting dentures. All on four is ideal for patients who cannot tolerate removable dentures and need permanent implant dentures or implant bridges that stay in the mouth.

Once the implants are placed, a custom-crafted, beautiful full set of implant bridges are secured using the four to six implants as support. All on 4 permanent implants cannot be removed by the patient and rarely if ever need to be removed. This means you can eat and sleep with your new teeth, just as you would with natural teeth. There will be no need for denture soaking or glue.


How much do All on 4 implants cost?


all on 4 dental implant bridge

Zirconia Complete Implant Teeth


How much is All on 4 cost? Basically, the all on four dentist needs to remove all the remaining teeth, perform gum clean-up/smoothing called “alveloplasty”, do some bone grafting, place several dental implants, make same day teeth. The teeth are made of acrylic or zirconia. The Zirconia teeth are thinner, look and feel more natural and are far more durable. The Zirconia teeth also do not have any metal. The Zirconia teeth called Bruxzir or Prettau are more expensive than hybrid dentures.

All in 4 Price? Start to finish, zirconia teeth cost $45-55K for the entire mouth. A complete upper or lower set of implant teeth costs $25-35K. We placed up to 6 implants per arch and deliver a beautiful set of zirconia implant teeth. Clear Choice all on four usually only includes 4 implants and charges extra for bone grafting, additional implants and zirconia vs acrylic hybrid denture teeth. Clear Choice sometimes uses plastic teeth. We do not use any generic or knock-off implants. In almost all cases we use zirconia implant teeth which are thin, beautiful and contain no metal or plastic.


Reviews for Permanent Implant Bridges:


All on four reviews are generally very good. Especially for a complete set of zirconia teeth. Zirconia implant bridges  are very thin, smooth and far more durable than acrylic. Zirconia full mouth teeth are also called Bruxir and Prettau. Hybridge is another name for plastic or acrylic complete implant dentures. It is very important to understand the differences between the kind of teeth on top of your implants. Do your research and know what you are paying for.

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