How to Safely Remove Mercury Containing Amalgam Fillings 

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Video Demonstrating Safe Removal of Amalgam Fillings

People have compared the benefits of silver colored amalgam to white composites. Safety when it comes to removal of dental materials is not a new thing in the holistic dental office. The goal is to eliminate:

  1. mercury
  2. galvanic/electronic reactions
  3. metal allergies and sensitivities
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Dr. Gary Adams

Amalgam fillings contain more than 50% mercury and are silver in color. Metal filling removal should be done in a safe manner for the benefit of the patient and the dental office team. Finding a professional who is good at removing amalgam fillings can be difficult. The IAOMT safe mercury amalgam removal technique involves the use of a latex-free rubber dam, powerful suction, mercury gas filtration, water irrigation and supplementary oxygen gas. Like riding a bike, not only can removing mercury fillings be risky business, but it is an acquired skill that requires practice and experience.


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