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Full Sedation Dentistry for Implants in Burtonsville MD:

dentist who does sedation for implant surgeryDr. Adams is a Full Sedation Dentist for Dental Implants

If you are looking for an implant dental office where you can get put to sleep for complete tooth replacement services with teeth implants look no further. We offer one up to full mouth Implants at our Burtonsville location near Silver Spring and Columbia Maryland.

Sedative Dentistry and Sedation Dentistry Options in our Implant Dental Office Include:

  1.  Full IV Sedation Dentistry
  2. Dental Sleep Sedation
  3. Nitrous Oxide or Twilight Dental Sedation
  4. Oral Sedation Dentistry or use of a Sedative pill.
  5. Oral Sedation + Nitrous Oxide Sedative Dentistry. The administration of an Oral Sedative in Dental Sedation is not always predictable. If the patient is not sedated adequately, the use of Nitrous Oxide titration can be used to get the desired level of sedation.
  6. Oral Sedation followed by Full IV Sedative Dentistry. Sometimes it is necessary to use an oral sedative pretreatment prior to initiating IV Sedation for those who are very nervous about an IV.

Do You need to get put me to Sleep for Dental Implants?

No only if the patient needs it to be calm. Local anesthetic is all that is necessary. For full mouth implant cases and other more involved cases, Full IV Sedation Dentistry is advisable. Sedative drugs are advisable for longer procedures such as same day all on 4 implants.

Is Sleep Dentistry and Sedative Dentistry for Implants Safe?

Yes. It is safer than oral sedative because it can be easily reversed. Many of the same drugs used for Oral Sedation or Sedative Dentistry with pills, are also used for Full IV Sedation of Sleep Dentistry. IV Sedation is generally regarded as faster, more predictable and a safer form of Sedation for Dental Implants and Oral Surgeon Services. The relative safety is due to the ability to quickly dose drugs with immediate results and if need be, the ability to administer a reversal drug if the level of Sedatives gets too deep.

What to expect during my Sedation for Dental Implants appointment?

Nothing. You will not remember a thing. It may be some of the most restful sleep you have had in a while.

What to expect after my Sedation for Dental Implants appointment?

You likely will not remember going home. You will need to come with a driver who will take you home. You will need to rest and not make any legal or big decisions. No driving for 24 hours. Most patients report less pain and swelling after their sedation appointment. They also have no recollection of the procedure.


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