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Top Reasons to Not Choose Zirconia Implants vs Titanium


why not to get zirconia implants


Zirconia implants have increased in popularity. They are tooth colored and they do not contain any metal. But, there are several reasons why not to get zirconia dental implants:


Zirconia implants are very expensive


Replacing teeth with zirconia implants is generally more expensive than titanium implant teeth. Replacing a tooth with zirconia can cost as much as $2000 more titanium.


Zirconia Implants are not as Strong as Titanium


Titanium implants are more flexible and bend before breaking. Zirconia is brittle and it does not bend but at a certain point it will break. It take a lot of force to break zirconia, so it does not break easily.  Titanium is a more suitable material for molars and teeth in the back. This is because titanium is better able to hold up to heavy chewing forces. If someone clenches their teeth, titanium is a better choice. Titanium better mimics the structure of teeth than zirconia. Because natural teeth are flexible and they bend, but eventually break. A material that is not flexible, transfers all the biting forces to the surrounding gum and bone.


Zirconia Implants have limited availability


Not all dentists offer zirconia implants. Not all implant manufacturers make them. Many dentists do not even know how to work with zirconia. Zirconia implant procedures are different than titanium. For example, if a person who has a zirconia implant needs the assistance, it may be difficult to locate a zirconia implant dentist. Even the instruments to work with zirconia implants is different. Locating parts can be difficult to locate also.


Zirconia Implants have Longer Healing Times


Zirconia implants take 4-6 months to heal whereas their titanium counterparts take  2.5 – 6 months. If you are in a hurry to get your teeth replaced, this may be an issue. Especially if you are going without a front tooth.


Full Mouth Implants do not work well with Zirconia Implants


Titanium implants can be used to replace a single tooth or a full arch of teeth. Zirconia works great when replacing a single tooth or a bridge of 3-4 teeth. But zirconia does not work well to replace a full arch of teeth. The connection system used to connect teeth to the implants works much better for titanium than zirconia when replacing multiple teeth.

It’s important to discuss all of your options with a qualified dental professional before making a decision about which type of dental implant is right for you.


Titanium Implants can be more Biocompatible Sometimes


Zirconia has been hyped as being more biocompatible than titanium. But some people have rejected zirconia implants, but later had a titanium implant heal perfectly. Everyone is different. There is nothing organic or natural about zirconia or titanium implants. Both have high success rates with healing, integration and acceptance. For most people both zirconia and titanium are suitable materials.


Titanium and Zirconia both have Advantages and Disadvantages


Titanium and zirconia are entirely different materials. Neither material is better than they other. They are different and have different advantages and disadvantages. Zirconia is better for people who have metal allergies. Zirconia is better in the visible part of the mouth because it is tooth colored. Titanium may be better for people who clench their teeth and for molars and other back teeth.


Why Titanium Implants are more popular than Zirconia


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