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Homeoblock Appliance Improves Breathing Sleep and TMJ Pain

What is the Homeoblock Appliance?


homeoblock appliance


The Homeoblock appliance is an orthodontic expander for adults that increases airway performance and helps people breathe better. Improving breathing patterns will promote better sleep and possibly even cure sleep apnea. The Homeoblock device improves nose breathing by expanding the maxilla and literally increasing the volume of the nasal passageways. The Homeobloc stimulates facial and jaw bone growth resulting in a better bite, facial balance and improved posture.


James Nestor discusses Homeoblock in Book “Breath”


James Nestor’s best selling book “Breath” highlights some of the author’s own personal experiences with the Homeoblock. Nestor concluded that the orthodontic device promoted nasal breathing and curbed mouth breathing. The shape of the Homeoblock also encourages proper tongue posture. That is it trains the tongue to stay on the palate instead of falling into the throat.

The Vivos appliance called the “DNA” is also worth considering for adults suffering from TMJ symptoms and sleep apnea.


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What does the Homeoblock Device Look Like?


The Homeoblock looks like a combination of a retainer and a bite splint. Most people wear the appliance at night for 1-2 years before completing treatment. The device was invented by Dr. Belfor 15 years ago. Dr. Belfor still manages design and fabrication of his appliances. He also works directly with treating doctors. Dr. Adams and Belfor are personal friends and discuss cases from time to time.


Adult Orthodontic Expander Appliance Video


YouTube video


Dr. Adams is a provider for the Homeoblock, DNA and several other kids and adult growth appliances. He is located in Burtonsville Maryland in the DC metro area.


Homeoblock Appliance Cost


The Homeoblock appliance therapy usually costs between $7500 – $11,000 depending on the difficulty of the case and if the x-rays and adjustment visits are included in the original fee. Most dentists will charge a flat fee for the Homeoblock therapy including all the visits and necessary cone beam xrays and photographs. Certain cases will require a second set of devices where an additional fee will be incurred at approximately 50% of the original case fee.


Homeoblock Compared to Vivos DNA Appliance


The Homeoblock is an appliance that is very similar to the Vivos DNA appliance. There are differences between the two appliances, but in many cases the two appliances can achieve similar results when designed and used by experienced providers. Both the DNA and Homeoblock can grow the jaws in all 3 dimensions. That is both appliances achieve anterior growth. Both can expand the maxilla wider. And both can create more volume of space in the mouth and improve nasal breathing. The real physical difference between the two appliances is the shape of the springs. An experienced provider will usually have a preference for one appliance verses the other. One for example may adapt better to crowded teeth versus crooked teeth.

The Homeoblock is better at correcting facial asymmetry and balancing the relationship between the upper and lower jaws.


General Benefits of Adult Anterior Growth Appliances:


  1. Teeth Crowding Correction
  2. Improved Airway and Breathing
  3. TMJ pain
  4. Better Facial Asymmetry
  5. Posture Correction


Why do Some People Need Orthodontic Mouth Expanders?


Most of the above problems are caused facial under development during childhood. And the important part of getting better during treatment is to stimulate things to develop the way they should have between the ages of 4 and 13. Some of the developmental problems are casuesd by eating soft foods, chronic allergies that cause stuffy nose, bottle feeding, the presence of tongue ties and lip ties.


How Does the Homeoblock Appliance Work?


The Homeoblock device works with the body so that facial bone growth and balance occurs through natural biological pathways. The Homeoblock sends a periodic intermittent light pressure to the periodontal and cranial ligaments that surrounds teeth roots and connect the various facial bones. The Homeoblock can also use a unilateral bite block to signal bone growth where there was childhood under development. This is called epigenetic signaling and it causes new bone growth and positional changes in the facial bone structure.


Facial and Jaw Bone Growth Corrects Child Deficiencies


Jaw and facial growth can progress to each person’s genetic potential.  The Homeo block will grow at best the bone the individual should have gotten had growth and development progressed normally during childhood. The development of the bones of the face, results in improved jaw alignment, better head posture and stronger muscles for swallowing and breathing.

Treatment with the Homeoblock results in expansion of the maxilla and improved lower jaw positioning. Additionally more room for the tongue is created and the tongue postures further away from the throat and airway. Wearing the Homeoblock corrects function by pressing the middle third of the tongue flat against your palate.


What is the Outcome of Homeoblock Therapy?


Cosmetically, we will see a wider smile and better facial symmetry.  Improved facial profile helps overall posture and gets rid of forward head position. The development of the jaws and airway are linked. With an increase in jaw and nose spaces there is a decrease in air flow resistance during breathing. Forward growth of the face and jaws also moves the tongue and other soft tissue on the floor of the mouth further away from the throat. During anterior movement of the mandible there is also an increase in height of the jaw a facial structures. The vertical increase increases the working lengths of all the muscles in the lower part of the face and throat. The increase in muscle tone makes airway collapse during sleep less likely. This final detail often cures sleep apnea which is often caused by upper airway collapse.


Homeoblock Before and After


homeoblock before and after


homeoblock before and after 2


Does the Homeoblock Appliance widen the Face?


Yes, but very subtly and in most cases it is not very noticeable. The Homeoblock promotes bone growth in the jaws and facial bones. But other surrounding tissues will develop as well including lips, cheeks, facial tissue. Usually the effects are all positive. Other noticeable changes can include facial symmetry, facial profile. Nasal breathing improves and lips and cheek bones can become more prominent. Usually the added bone support helps reduce wrinkling of facial skin.

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