Vivos DNA Appliance – TMJ and Sleep Apnea Treatment

DNA Appliance Therapy – Vivos Appliance is the best treatment option for TMJ and Sleep Apnea

Vivos DNA device can correct or improve problems causing TMJ, obstructive sleep apnea, orthodontic teeth crowding and many postural problems. The magic of the appliance is that it works for adults. Amelioration of TMJ and sleep apnea with non-surgical treatment is the claim to fame of Vivos DNA therapy. Most treatments available only address symptoms – night guards, occlusal splints and dental snore appliances. CPAP is a viable treatment option but it does not correct airway and sleep problems. Dr. Adams is a certified DNA appliance provider. The power in this corrective treatment is pneumopedics and craniofacial epigenetics. The fancy terms you can forget, but basically what it means is you can stimulate new jaw bone growth in an adult. The result is more space for jaw / bite balance, proper tongue function and a bigger upper airway for better sleep and night-time breathing.

The Vivos appliance is removable and easy for adults to tolerate. It only needs to be worn in the evening and through the night. At the end of treatment the appliance can be retired and does not need to be worn forever. The difference between the DNA device vs night guards and dental snore appliances: DNA corrects or dramatically improves TMJ and sleep apnea problems. In contrast a night guard or silent nite is an appliance that manages a problem and is worn for the rest of your life.

dna appliance dentistDr. Gary Adams DDS sees patients from all over Maryland DC metro area for DNA Appliance therapy. Maryland Holistic Dentist practice is in Burtonsville near Columbia and Silver Spring Maryland.

“DNA vivos therapy is the biggest advancement to dentistry since the dental implant…and may be more important since the appliance can prevent tooth loss and the future need for tooth replacement.”

Because the Vivos DNA device creates more room in the mouth it naturally treats obstructive sleep apnea. The appliance therapy is very popular among holistic dentists and many other myofunctional therapists.

Vivos DNA Appliance Therapy Video

What is the Vivos DNA Device?

DNA appliance providerThe DNA ( daytime nighttime appliance ) is a combination of 1) TMJ-TMD night guard, 2) palatal expander 3) retainer. Long story, short, the DNA device will balance the bite relationship between the upper and lower jaws, create more room in the mouth for optimal tongue function and open the airway for better breathing – especially night time breathing. The Vivos device is a removable appliance that is worn at night time. The appliance is more effective than surgery in correcting many TMJ and obstructive sleep apnea problems. The Vivos device is FDA cleared for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.

Video of how the Vivos Appliance treatment Works. Notice how the mouth, jaw and spaces get larger.

Dr Dave Singh of Oral Systemic Link, is the inventor of the DNA system and epigenetic orthodontics and orthopedics and pneumopedics. DNA appliance reviews so far have been great. Dr Singh has done a great job of everything except marketing the DNA to dentists and the general public. The Vivos is FDA cleared for treatment of mild to moderate OSA or sleep apnea. For some reason, many sleep specialists are not aware of this unique appliance. We attempt to advance this wonderful appliance for upper airway and TMJ disorder treatment. This appliance has helped so many people get better with the unique and novel non surgical TMJ disorder relief option. Anyone suffering from TMJ pain, snoring or has bruxism and tooth wear issues should look at this unique treatment option. TMJ specialists and sleep doctors alike should learn about the benefits of the Vivos treatment.


vivos dna appliance pneumopedics

How does the DNA result in Jaw and Upper Airway Development?

The removable appliance is worn after dinner time and through the night for a total of at least 10-12 hours per day. Every 1-2 weeks (at the instruction of Dr. Adams) a key is used (by the patient) to slowly open or “expand” the appliance. The “expansion” places a light stretch on the jaw bones in an outward direction. The light stretchy pressure in combination with tongue pressure on the springs embedded in the appliance (see the appliance picture above) causes an increase in bone cell activity and a net growth in jaw volume. The bone growth in the jaws and airway is also called biomimetics. This describes the magic, if you will, of the DNA and why the novel non-surgical treatment option for TMJ and Sleep Apnea patients is such a huge opportunity.

Every 6 – 8 weeks the DNA appliance dentist will do an evaluation and adjust the bite on the night guard portion of the appliance to keep the appliance balanced left to right and gently and slowly promote a more forward bite and jaw position. Total treatment time usually takes 6-18 months depending on the difficulty of the case. The treatment is not orthodontic and it is bone volume increasing and the jaw size growing and not the teeth moving around in the jaws as is usual during orthodontics.

Benefits of DNA Device Therapy:

  1.  No more Migraine Headaches
  2. Resolves TMJ pain symptoms
  3. Reduces jaw tiredness and fatigue from TMD
  4. Improves obstructive sleep apnea and airway problems
  5. Painless non surgical treatment
  6. larger and more optimal sinus spaces meaning fewer sinus infections and headaches
  7. Improved posture
  8. Easy and painless removable appliance only needs to be worn at night time for a treatment period (not for the rest of your life)
  9. Improved nose breathing
  10. Decreased or Resolution of Snoring
  11. Better deep sleep
  12. Increased Energy
  13. Decreased Anxiety
  14. Improved Metabolism

How does the DNA System correct or improve upper airway problems and tmd?

A small mouth, small upper airway, crowded teeth, deep and narrow palate are things TMJ and Sleep Apnea people have in common. Individuals with small mouths and crowded teeth often do not have enough room in their mouth for their tongue to fit during deep sleep. During deep sleep, the tongue relaxes and falls back where it fits better, that is back into the throat and airway.  The palate is the roof of the mouth and the base of the nose. “Small” often means, stuffy nasal passageways. Sometimes “seasonal allergies” can be improved by creating more room for seasonal irritants to drain and pass through the mouth and nose. A larger mouth also means larger sinus spaces that drain better and fewer sinus infections and headaches.

What happens during Vivos Therapy?

DNA therapy gently expands the upper jaw while keeping the bite balanced. The DNA is unique in that it treats the bite and the airway at the same time. Volumetric 3D expansion increases the size of the nasal passageways, the mouth and the airway.  As the upper jaw grows bigger, the lower jaw enlarges and moves more forward into a more natural  and optimal position. As the lower jaw moves forward, the tongue and soft tissue follow and have more room to exist ahead of the airway, creating a larger and less obstructed upper airway. The result is improved breathing function, resolution of clenching problems and improved posture. Have you ever wondered why you can’t breathe well through your nose? Sinus pain and pressure is caused by small sinuses and poor sinus drainage.

DNA Appliance Before and After Photos

dna appliance before and after photos

The DNA Device allows the Dentist to do two important things:

  1. Increases the width, depth and height / dimension of the mouth and airway. The DNA naturally creates more room in the mouth to permanently improve the structures of the jaws and breathing spaces.
  2. Correct and cures TMJ problems by adjusting and optimizing the relationship between the upper and lower jaws during treatment.

The DNA can correct and cure Sleep Apnea, TMJ Disorder, Orthodontic, and Posture Problems.

Patients who have DNA device therapy see cessation improvements and sometimes complete cessation of TMJ Pain and Sleep Apnea. The unique appliance therapy is a great tool for the TMJ specialist. Dentists do not diagnose Sleep Apnea, but they can make the airway bigger with this novel therapy. Many sleep apnea specialists seek out dentists trained in sleep apnea dental appliance.

The DNA can be used for all ages. It is comfortable, painless and is only worn in the evenings and while sleeping. There is no comparable therapy to treat TMJ-TMD symptoms or sleep apnea. Any corrective therapies involve aggressive surgery. The DNA apparatus naturally corrects alignment of teeth, jaw balance, facial proportions and symmetry, upper airway, and neuromuscular harmony.

DNA Dental Device Photos

vivos dna device columbia burtonsville md

dna appliance before after photos

Not all DNA cases are the same

There is no cookie-cutter treatment. Though many patients may present with common symptoms, each case has unique problems requiring a specific treatment course.

Successful DNA therapy Involves:

  • Diagnosing each case for the specific problems that exist.
  • Designing a DNA appliance to correct jaw and facial bone problems that exist. There are 100s of different ways to design a DNA Appliance.

Other craniofacial and orthopedic appliances have existed in the past such as the ALF appliance. But DNA therapy is the best non-surgical treatment for TMJ and upper airway / sleep apnea issues.

MRNA or mrna vs Vivos DNA Therapy:

mrna appliance providerMRNA or mrna is basically a Vivos dna device with a mechanism built in to prevent the lower jaw or mandible from falling backwards at nighttime. Otherwise the mrna is the same appliance as a dna. A rigid bite index is created on the upper jaw or maxilla to hold the mandible in a more forward position at nighttime. The concept is the same as any snore appliance or mandibular repositioning appliance. Aka MRA or mra sleep apnea appliance.

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