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What is Dental Ozone and How is it used?

Ozone has many uses in holistic dentistry:


“In my practice, I would be lost without ozone.” (Dr Adams) I cannot imagine any holistic dental office without it. In fact, ozone should be used in every dental office. It is that important and helpful. It saves my patients from root canals and extractions every day. And it is very easy to use and inexpensive.
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Ozone is used to treat common dental problems including cavities, gum and periodontal disease, root canal treatment, bone pathology aka cavitations and preventative therapy. Most often ozone is a part of a procedure and not a stand-alone therapy. In more complex cases like full mouth implants, ozone will minimize infection and accelerate bone and gum healing.


10 benefits of using ozone in the dental office:


  1. Ozone Oxygen or O2/O3 gas therapy – used in tooth extraction sites to clean the pores of the bone and oxygen to promote healing. Ozone gas is used to clean the pores of teeth during treating cavities. Ozone is also used in treating gum disease. Putting ozone gas into gums for removing anaerobic bacteria in periodontal disease.
  2. Ozonated Water: Used to treat tooth abscesses, periodontal and gum infections, sore throats, and ulcerations. ozone water is used in all our treatment rooms.
  3. Clean bone prior to placing a dental implant
  4. Cavity and caries prevention and gum disease prevention. ozone trays are made that fit over the teeth and gums. the ozone dentist will pass ozone and oxygen gas into the tray for a period of time and the treatment is repeated every few months. There are no side effects or chemicals involved. Ozone tray therapy is considered non-invasive and is one of the most effective forms of cavity and gum disease prevention treatments.
  5. Prevent root canals and tooth loss.  Deep cavities are washed with ozone water followed by ozone gas that often prevents a tooth nerve from dying, thus making a root canal or extraction unnecessary.
  6. Disinfect a Tooth prior to placing a filling. The tooth is composed of many porous tubules that may contain harmful bacteria. The ozone dentist can use ozone water and gas can permeate these tubules and kill the bacteria. The ozone gas also oxygenates the tooth pulp and helps restore the health of the tooth. When Teeth are not sterilized prior to placing a filling, bacteria and viruses get trapped into the pores of the teeth.
  7. Treat pain in the TMJ with ozone. The ozone dentist can inject ozone gas directly into the TMJ for the purpose of killing microorganisms which studies show complicate TMJ disorders. It also may reduce the inflammation and promote new cartilage growth.
  8. Jaw bone infections in past extraction sites that did not heal properly, called bone pathology or cavitations.
  9. Most patients do not report  any side effects from ozone therapy.
  10. Ozone can treat infection in wisdom teeth removal sites and accelerate healing and decrease swelling and pain.


What is Ozone?


Ozone is a molecule consisting of three atoms of oxygen. It is produced naturally by sun light or by using an ozone generator. Ozone can be used in dentistry with no side effect and no contraindications with other medicine or any medical disorders the patient may have.


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When ozone molecules split into single oxygen atoms, they can react when coming in contact with a contaminant. Ozone is so reactive that it never fails to initiate this reactive activity. The reduction of air borne infections is scientifically proven. This reaction is all done through the single atom oxidizing the contaminants. As this reaction takes place, it destroys all the contaminants it comes in contact with by changing its physical properties, resulting in the contaminant no longer being toxic or able to reproduce. The additional ozone changes back to pure oxygen, thus making it environmentally friendly.
Ozone is basically oxygen with an extra electron. It breaks down to oxygen and release of an electron. In diseased states such as infection, we are deficient. Ozone can reverse the effects of disease and infection with the “oxidative” effect of releasing electrons. Ozone is basically high energy oxygen or oxygen carrying an extra electron.

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