Implant Dentures / Implant Over Dentures vs Denture

Benefits of Implant Dentures Vs. Conventional Dentures:

  1. Better Stability. Implant dentures do not move while eating and will not fall out of the mouth while talking
  2. Less food gets under the implant denture
  3. less bone loss because some of the lost teeth are replaced with implant roots. Placing Implants preserves jaw bone.
  4. Better Chewing function
  5. Improved Nutrition and Diet. Food is properly food. Patient absorbs nutrients from the food and does not get constipated.
  6. No more Fixadent or Denture Glue

Implant dentures aka Implant over dentures, can be fabricated for either the upper or lower jaws. The advantage of Dentures with Implants over conventional dentures is the ability to use the implants as anchors so the dentures do not move during eating or talking. Dentures with Implants also preserve the bone levels and maintain facial support thereby maintaining a more natural youthful smile. Options for Implant Dentures include four, five and six Implant Retained Dentures with options for both fixed, aka All on 4, and Removable Dentures.

Lower Denture Implants requires a minimum of 2 implants:

The minimum standard number of implants  to do Implant Dentures for the lower jaw is a two Dental Implants and two locator attachments connecting an Implant Denture. In some cases 4 implants may be necessary to stabilize a lower Denture with Implants. Due to the forces exerted by the tongue and cheeks during speaking or swallowing, a lower denture without Dental Implants is far more likely to dislodge. By contrast, Dental Implant Dentures lock into place, and are much better able to resist the lateral forces exerted on them.

As many as six implants can be placed in the lower jaw, depending on the patients needs. As the number of Dental Implants increase, so does the stability of the denture, in addition to decreasing the amount of denture material in the patients mouth. With between four and six Dental Implants for the lower jaw, the patient has the options of a denture that is fixed into place full time or one that is stable during the day and removed at night.

Upper Denture with Implants Requires 4 Implants to avoid coverage of the Palate:

Similar options for the upper jaw are also available. Two Dental Implant Dentures for the upper jaw will drastically improve the stability of the denture during function and can be life changing for quality of life. When a patient opts for upper an Implant Denture that is retained by either four to six implants (depending on the clinical need), the area of the upper denture that covers the roof of the mouth can be removed from the denture. The main advantage being increased taste and a less bulky feel to the denture. Again, the Dental Implants provide stability for the new teeth so that the denture does not come out during speaking or eating. Other options for upper Implant Dentures include a denture that is fixed to the implants full time (generally held in with five – six Dental Implants), with the advantage of closest resembling natural teeth.

Implant over dentures offer the best increase to quality of life for people struggling with loose teeth that a slowly falling out, people with existing dentures that no longer stay in properly, and people are loosing bone with ill fitting dentures. By utilizing Dental Implants for dentures, the patients bone is preserved, the facial proportions and dimensions are preserved (bringing a more natural and youthful look), and improving the ability to eat properly (with more variety) and speak properly (without worry of the dentures popping out).

The easiest way to determine if Implant Dentures are right for you is to come into the office for a complimentary exam to discuss your options with one of our excellent dental implant dentists.

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