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Biobloc is a Palatal Expansion and Orthodontic Appliance

How does The Biobloc Orthotropic Appliance Work?


biobloc orthodontic appliance


The Bioblock orthotropic device is very useful in promoting jaw bone and anterior growth in kids and adults. The non-surgical treatment  endorsed by Dr. John Mew is a very effective option for creating more space in the mouth for proper tongue function, bite balance and breathing. The Bioblock is a specialized palatal expander that gently stimulates the maxilla to grow forward and laterally. As the upper jaw moves forward, it allows more space for the mandible to move forward and grow wider. As the lower jaw moves forward, it also opens the bite and creates more volume. Most practitioners do not use a lower appliance. The assumption is that the growth to the lower jaw will automatically happen after the upper jaw grows bigger. Dr. Adams uses a lower appliance to allow for proper and proportionate growth of the jaw structures.


How Biobloc and DNA Appliance Cause Maxillary Expansion Video


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How Expanders and Growth Appliances Work Video


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Who is a Candidate for the Biobloc Appliance?


The Biobloc is a great appliance for kids who need a moderate amount of lateral growth. Dr. Adams prefers to use the Schwarz appliance for cases that need considerable anterior growth. Dr. Adams’ Schwarz is designed with an anterior and lateral expansion elements. The Biobloc usually only has a lateral adjustment and uses a spring system to stimulate forward growth. The Schwarz appliance like the Homeoblock and DNA appliances, have a bite plane. A bite plane is very useful in establishing different bite positions between the upper and lower jaws. The best way to stimulate forward growth of the lower jaw is to create a stable forward bite position.


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Orthodontics Compared to Expanders and Growth Appliances


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Alternatives to the Biobloc Device:


Biobloc and Schwarz appliances are suitable for kids who are actively growing and between the ages of 6 and 11-12 years old. DNA and the Homeoblock appliance are effective for adult treatment. These treatments are great at gaining forward and transverse growth in adults. There are many other different kinds of palatal expanders for kids. Ultimately the best one is the one that works and the dentist knows how to use.

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