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Why Not to Replace All Your Teeth Permanently In One Day


full mouth implants same day problems

Lower Gum Level and Metal Exposure


The reason not to get a full mouth of implants in one day is because the cosmetic result may look bad due to the gum and bone levels lowering a lot for the first three months after having all your natural teeth removed. Of course the gums are going to heal and the “lowering” always happens. How would you feel if 3 months after you got your new implant teeth, the gum levels lowered to where you see spaces between your teeth and gums? Or worse yet, the metal where the teeth connect to the implants is exposed. Showing metal in the mouth is a real eye sore. And lots of food and bacteria is going to collect and be difficult to clean. Rushing the case to the finish line can be a costly mistake that you will live with forever.


Disadvantages of Getting Full Permanent Implants in One Day


You’ve seen all the TV commercials and online google paid ads about getting all your teeth replaced with Implants in one day. Now you are excited about getting a beautiful new smile in one day. The truth is you can get permanent implants in one day, but there is a lot of risk in doing so. And the results can be sub par. This article will discuss the risks and disadvantages of getting implants and permanent full mouth implant teeth installed in one visit. Or within a period of days.


Full Mouth Permanent Implants is a complex decision


Where and how to get all your teeth replaced with implants is a big decision. Many people travel long distances to get full mouth implants. Getting the procedure done in as few visits as possible is important. But the result should last a lifetime and the result is what you will live with. There’s a reason why 99.9% of dentists allow a healing period prior to installing the permanent teeth. A great compromise, is to live with a cosmetic set of temporary teeth while the gums and implants heal. Lets take a deeper look since this is a big and expensive decision.


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The Full Mouth Implant Procedure in One Day:


  1. Remove All Remaining Teeth. Many of the remaining teeth are not any good or worth fixing or worse yet, abscessed and causing jaw bone infection and bone loss.
  2. Bone and Gum Grafting: the extraction sites where teeth were removed need to be grafted and heal with new bone and gum tissue. Depending on how much infection is in the jaw, bone grafting may not be possible on the day of tooth removal.  In this case, the patient would need to have the graft on a later day. When grafts are done in areas of infection, the grafts can fail and there can be additional infections associated with a rejected bone graft.
  3. Placement of dental implants or posts. Implants take 2-3 months to heal and reach full strength. You are waiting for bone to grow around the new implants. The implants need to be perfectly placed so as to properly support the zirconia implant teeth. But what if there is infection right where you need to place an implant? Is the implant dentist going to place the implant and possibly even do a bone graft anyway? And then, hope they are lucky and it heals perfectly while it supports an expensive new zirconia implant bridge? And all this is going to magically happen before the implants, gum and bone has even healed? I don’t think this will always happen and it certainly is not predictable. Replacing a full mouth of teeth in one day can lead to many problems, complications and undue risk.
  4. Impressions or scans of the mouth and implants need to be taken to make a good fitting set of permanent implant teeth. But how can that happen since after all the teeth are removed the gums and bone are going to change shape and position as the mouth heals. It is possible to get an scan of the mouth but there is going to be a lot of guessing about where the gum levels will be. Scanning technology has come a long way, but it cannot guess about where the gum level will heal. What if there is a lot of space between the teeth and the gum level? Food will get stuck and you may hear weird whistly air sounds as you talk.
  5. 3D printing of the Full Mouth Teeth: make sure you are getting Zirconia as the final material. Acrylic is a lot cheaper and it does not hold up. Full mouth implants completed in one day delivers a final Zirconia set of teeth in 1-2 days. Zirconia 3D printers are expensive, but companies completing full mouth implants in one day have a centralized 3D printer or they are outsourcing to a 3rd party lab. The 3D teeth are usually printed and shipped overnight to the local office a installed within a day or two.


Complications with Finishing Full Implants in One Day?


  1. Implants can fail and subsequent loss of the new Zirconia teeth. Implants fail 5% of the time in ideal situations. When placed in compromise situations the failure rates go up. If 5 implants are placed, the chances of a failure can be between 25-50%. One failure can cause an entire case to fail and need to be totally be re-done. Is the implant center going to redo the case for free? We do not know, but you should check.
  2. Gum and bone may not heal where you expect when final impressions or digital scans are taken before implants, gums and extraction sites heal. This is really the biggest problem. The gum levels will change and then there are large spaces where food gets stuck later. And having space between your teeth and gums is not a good look.



Notice how the gum levels healed below the level of the crowns made. The best way to do implant crown and bridgework is to wear a nice temporary bridge for 2-3 months and take impressions when the gum levels can be established.


full mouth implant space between gum and teeth


What is the Conventional way to do Permanent Implants?


  1. Remove all remaining teeth very carefully
  2. Perform any necessary bone grafting
  3. Place implants into the correct position 5-6 appropriate size dental implants.
  4. Place a nice set of temporary teeth for a period of 2-4 months while implant and gum healing mostly completes.
  5. Finish case with a high quality set of Zirconia teeth.


Acrylic vs Zirconia Implant Teeth


If you are going to go through with replacing all your teeth with implants, do not settle for plastic teeth or hybrid dentures. You should get the Zirconia teeth. Zirconia may be a little more expensive, but it does not break, stain, absorb plaques or require maintenance. Hybrid Dentures (made of acrylic plastic) absorb bacteria, stain, teeth can break off and the acrylic material generally breaks down. Comparing Zirconia to Acrylic is like comparing a plastic cup a high quality porcelain mug (except zirconia does not break).

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