Video about TMJ Treatments for Temporomandibular Joint Pain


Video about the Treatments for TMJ including Dr. Adams’ favorite appliance  – Vivos DNA Appliance can correct or improve problems causing TMJ pain, obstructive sleep apnea, orthodontic teeth crowding, upper airway resistance syndrome (UARS) and many postural problems. How and why? Because the root cause of all these problems are closely related. The appliance is unique and novel because it works for adults. The Vivos works by stimulating bone growth in the mouth and nasal passageways. Or simply put, the DNA treatment results in increasing the size of the upper airway and optimizing the spaces about the upper and lower jaws. By increasing the upper airway size and balancing the jaw structures, night time airway obstructions can be cleared. Because airway obstructions are opened, normal sleep and biomechanical function of the jaws and cervical spine can all be restored to normal function.

What is TMJ?

TMJ is more properly called temporomandibular joint dysfunction. The disease has a medical and dental definition, but most of the time people say they have “TMJ” when they suffer from jaw pain and other symptoms stemming from night time teeth clenching and UARS or upper airway resistance syndrome.

Common TMJ Symptoms:

  1. Jaw soreness and tension especially in the morning
  2. Jaw joint popping and clicking
  3. Limited opening and range of motion of jaw joints
  4. Teeth wear, cracking. history of past root canals, tooth implants, crowns and fillings by the gum line
  5. Gum recession
  6. Loose teeth
  7. Ear fullness, feeling of fluid in the ear or it needs to pop and sometimes loss of hearing
  8. Unstable tooth position. Constant need for retainers, teeth that are always shifting
  9. Sleep apnea
  10. Poor Sleep
  11. Tied Tongue or Tied Lip
  12. Headaches, possibly migraines, especially in the Temporal area and up around and behind the eyes
  13. Sinus Pressure or feeling of having a Sinus Infection
  14. Neck and shoulder tension, upper back pain
  15. Tingling in the fingers and extremities
  16. Metabolic Problems
  17. Thyroid dysfunction
  18. Poor Posture
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