What it Best Forward Growth Treatment – ALF Appliance or DNA Appliance


The Vivos DNA Appliance is the Best Appliance for Adults suffering from TMJ pain and sleep apnea and UARS. The ALF is the best expander for kids who have teeth crowding, cross bites and poor jaw development. That being said, there may be certain circumstances where both the ALF and DNA is suitable for kids and adults. Is it normal for kids to clench their teeth at night?

DNA vs ALF Appliance

The DNA is a combination of a retainer, bite splint and palatal expander. The Vivos appliance at the end of therapy will dramatically improve or get rid of TMJ pain symptoms and Sleep Apnea. The DNA will create more space in the mouth for proper night time breathing and tongue position. The appliance will also create more dimension or height to the upper and lower jaw position and correct a bad bite. The DNA is very tolerable for adults. It is a removable appliance that is only worn during the evening and night. Yes, you will not need to wear the appliance all day and you can take it out to eat and clean your teeth.

dna vs alf expander appliancesThe DNA can better serve adults suffering from TMJ pain because the appliance allows the dentist to place the patient into a more stable bite position. The DNA is also removable and is only worn at night-time.


Vivos DNA Appliance vs ALF Video

How Does the ALF Appliance Work?

The ALF Appliance is a fixed appliance that stays in the mouth and is worn at all times (usually). The ALF also does not have the ability to put the patient into a new bite position (usually). The ALF is a pure expander and keeps the patient in their current bite during expansion. For the above reasons the ALF is a better appliance for kids who are growing and have a dynamic and changing bite, tongue and jaw position. Both appliances are wonderful appliances that can be used for kids and adults, but I make the above generalizations from years of case experience.

DNA Appliance

How is the DNA Appliance compare to the ALF?

The DNA looks like a combination of a retainer, night guard and a palatal expander. Looks are not deceiving. The DNA is novel in that it can achieve jaw bone growth in an adult. The only other option for adults is surgery. The mouth will get wider and deeper. The bite position can be improved and made more comfortable by adjusting the bite pads the same way a night guard is adjusted. The wire in the front can help to retain the front teeth and preserve the appearance and smile.

Many Adults with TMJ symptoms will get fast relief when they start wearing the DNA Appliance because the bite is balanced and the jaws are placed into a more comfortable open and forward position. The “balanced” position will take pressure off the TMJ jaw joints and allow a little more space for night time breathing. Over time the TMJ dentist DNA therapy will result in a permanent increase in size, space and balance in the Jaws and Facial Bones in general. The goal is to correct you Sleep Apnea and or TMJ Symptoms. The DNA appliance is a treatment course that is complete after 9 months to 2 years. At the end of treatment you should be better and no longer need to wear the appliance.

Create space for Straighter Teeth, Better Facial Profile and Airway Health

The ALF Appliance is the Best Appliance for correcting tooth crowding and underdevelopment. The ALF along with functional forces such as the tongue, will  create proper space for the tongue to fit in the mouth and in between the teeth. alf vs vivos dna applianceWhen a child does not develop large enough jaws and mouth, the tongue will flop into the throat during deep sleep and cause sleep apnea and TMJ symptoms. Never pull teeth to correct tooth crowding problems.




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