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Holistic Root Canal Removal Protocol

Root Canals can be Unsafe for Overall Health and Possible Risk Factors in Disease:

  1. Lupus
  2. Cancer
  3. Heart Disease
  4. Coronary Artery Disease
  5. Hashimoto’s Disease
  6. Rheumatoid Arthritis
  7. Other Auto-Immune Disease

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These diseases are complex and no one has determined what exactly causes these diseases. Root Canals have been at the top of the Risk Factor list for many professionals. And whether or not Root Canals are safe is the subject of strong debate.

We Offer Removal of Root Canals with a Unique and Effective Protocol. The Root Canal Removal Protocol optimizes the chance for Safe extraction of the dead tooth. And Restores Health of the Jaw Bone and surrounding tissues. Any effects Root Canals may Have on Overall will be eliminated. Read about our Holistic Root Canal Removal Protocol.

Root Canals Do the Following Things:

  1. Leak Bacteria, Viruses, Fungus and toxins into your body that may or may not cause disease depending on the pathogens and the persons susceptibility.
  2. Leak root canal filling and sealer particles into your system that irritates the immune system.
  3. Root Canals are dead teeth that are no longer have blood supply or a nerve. Bacteria and other pathogens can multiply and reach concentrations impossible in any other part of the body. Bacteria in any other part of the body would be attacked and killed by the immune system. The Immune cannot get inside of the dead tooth. The immune system has to kill bacteria as it leaks out of the root canal. It is impossible to measure the effects of root canals on the body. The bacteria and toxins depending on the person and the bug could really do just about anything.
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