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Zirconia Full Mouth All on 4 Dental Implants


zirconia complete implants on titanium

Zirconia complete implants


Full Mouth Zirconia Implant Teeth


A full mouth of implant teeth can now work with metal free zirconia solutions. Look at the before and after pictures of this case where all teeth were removed and replaced with zirconia implant teeth. The final teeth are made from zirconia with custom pink porcelain work and 3D tooth color characterization.

The full upper implant bridge is supported by 6 zirconia implants. As you can see, the gum and bone was in much better condition in the top jaw as less pink porcelain to replace gum was needed.

The full arch lower all on four bridge is supported by 5 zirconia implants. As you can see, much more pink porcelain work was needed to replace gum because of the amount of bone loss.


Zirconia implants saves bone in periodontal disease.


The natural teeth ultimately failed due to gum and periodontal disease. Replacing all teeth with dental implants is the best option for moderate to severe gum disease. Implants are best option for gum disease because implants are not susceptible to gum disease the way natural teeth are. In advanced cases of gum disease, teeth are almost always lost regardless of the amount treatment done to save teeth. And when teeth fail during gum disease, there is lots of dental bone loss. Valuable bone can be saved by removing teeth and replacing teeth with implants in a timely fashion.


Bone Loss Changes the Face and Jaw structure.


bone loss and dental implants

Bone Loss and Face Collapse. Photo Credits to “Dear Doctor, Inc.”


Teeth loss causes facial aging and wrinkles


Nothing can cause a face to collapse faster than losing teeth. Losing all your teeth can cause you to look 10-15 years older over night. Look at the above before and after pictures showing how a face changes after teeth are lost. Unfortunately with aging, teeth can become damaged, decayed, fracture and be lost. If all your teeth need to be removed, dental implants can save you from looking many years older than you really are.


Replacing Teeth with Implants can slow aging and facial wrinkling


If you have suffered tooth loss and you face has begun to sink in and wrinkle, getting complete implants can be an anti-aging potent of sorts.


DNA Appliance is anti-aging and a non-surgical face lift treatment


dna anti-aging appliance

DNA anti-aging treatment – photo credits Dr. Liao


What if your face is sinking and wrinkling and you have not lost any teeth? I hate to say it, but natural aging does happen and facial wrinkles is part of life. But there is something you can do and especially if you have crooked teeth and small facial bone structure. When people have small bone structure, there is very little bone support in the cheek area for your face. New face-growing procedures can stimulate new bone growth in the lower half of the face to provide bone support where wrinkles are at. One such appliance is called the DNA Appliance. The DNA appliance is used in most cases to treat obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and upper airway resistance syndrome (UARS).  The DNA appliance is an anti-aging and non-surgical face lift treatment.

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