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Complete Zirconia Implants Before and After


full mouth zirconia implant bridge

Full Mouth Zirconia Implants Before and After Pictures


From Dentures to Full Mouth Zirconia Implants


The case of the denture wearer with buyers remorse. In picture one, the patient had no visible remaining teeth. The final after picture shows beautiful full mouth zirconia implant teeth. The case involved a generous 10 zirconia implants. A full set of upper ceramic implant teeth supported by the implants. The upper teeth were done as 3 individual implant bridges.


Lower Zirconia Implant Bridges


A full set of lower implant teeth were similarly made to fit a total of 8 implants. Again 3 bridges were used to form the set of implant teeth.


Addition of Pink Porcelain to Full Zirconia Implant Teeth


The patient had lost valuable gum and bone, so pink porcelain was used to make the cosmetics of the front teeth implant bridges look optimal.

The patient seems very satisfied with the permanent fixed implant case. Implant bridges do not need to be removed and have a very similar function to natural teeth. Implant retained crown and bridge work is much thinner and smoother than other implant solutions such as implant supported dentures.


Dentures Vs Full Mouth Zirconia Implants


The patient threw their removable dentures away. The only thing that would have made this case better is if the patient had more gum and bone at the start of the case. One major side effect of losing teeth is losing gum and bone tissue.



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