What is Bone Grafting? Is bone graft needed for Implants & tooth removal

bone graft surgeryWhy do I need a bone graft and what is a Bone Graft?

Are there different kinds of bone grafts?

There are two different issues here-kinds of bone grafts as in 1) different kind of materials 2) different kinds of bone damage in need of repair. Dr. Adams is a implant dental specialist in Burtonsville near Silver Spring and Columbia Maryland.

  1. Different kinds of bone damage in need of repair. Two situations here A) a simple hole in the bone such as an area where a tooth has been removed but there is no damage beyond the tooth extraction site. This is referred to as a “simple vertical bony defect” that is a simple hole down into the bone that has 360 degrees of bone surrounding it. Imagine a water glass that can be easily filled with graft material. B) A volume of bone damage where a large eaten-away volume of bone needs to be repaired. Imagine a water glass where a side or more of the glass has been broken off. The glass can no longer be easily filled. This bone defect is categorized by the number of bony walls missing and the amount of lost bone. This second more complicated bone loss needs a “block bone graft” and is a lot more complicated to repair. The used of a more expensive putty-like graft material and a membrane is necessary to perform this later kind of graft.
  2. different kinds of bone graft material: A) synthetic material B) human bone collected from the patient C) human bone collected from a cadaver D) animal bone E) PRF or platelet rich fibrin bone stimulation procedures.

Do I need a bone graft to get a dental implant?

Possibly. You will need to be evaluated by an implant dentist. The implant expert will need to take a 3D conebeam X ray and determine if you have enough bone volume for placement of a dental implant.

Do I need a bone graft in a tooth extraction site?

If you like to get a dental implant in the future, it is advisable to get a bone graft to preserve bone. The best time to get a dental implant is usually at the time of tooth removal. Sometimes immediate dental implant surgery is not possible due to pain, swelling and infection. A delayed implant surgery is an implant 1-4 weeks after tooth removal when infection makes immediate surgery impossible.

Does bone grafting work well?

Yes, especially with new novel platelet rich fibrin PRF bone procedures.

How Much does a bone graft cost?

anywhere from $400 – $3000 dollars. It depends on the size, shape and the health of the bone remaining. Sometimes where bone is very little and near the sinus, grafting can be very difficult with sinus lift bone graft surgery and expensive.


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