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PRF in Implants and Wisdom Tooth Extractions?

by Gary Adams DDS PRF Implant Dentist in Burtonsville Maryland

Dr. Adams has been using PRF in his implant and oral surgery practice for years. PRF in wisdom teeth and implants presents many advantages most notable including accelerated bone healing and health. Not to mention, surgical outcomes with less pain and swelling. PRF in implants and wisdom teeth removal sites offers many advantages and adjuncts to conventional bone grafting and tissue regeneration techniques. The natural biological dental practice is located in Burtonsville near Silver Spring, Clarksville and Columbia Maryland.

prf in wisdom teeth removalRecent advancements in dentistry have given rise to the formulation of extremely beneficial and useful platelet concentrates termed PRF or Platelet Rich Plasma. These platelet concentrates  or PRF, contain suspended growth factors in large quantities which can help in rapid repair, regeneration and healing of oral soft and hard tissues such as gums, teeth components and dental implants. These are termed as the promoters of wound healing and tissue regeneration. Wisdom tooth surgeries are considered among one of the major dental procedures with greater chances of bone removal around impacted teeth. Bone removal in wisdom tooth removal may lead to delayed wound healing and chances of swelling after surgical procedure. Some people report pain, swelling, limited mouth opening and discomfort for approximately one week following surgical extraction of wisdom molars. PRF with implants and wisdom teeth results in faster healing and better bone integration to the implant. 

After surgical removal of third molars or wisdom teeth, blood clots are formed which start the healing and regeneration process of oral soft and hard tissues. Normally blood clots contain only 5% platelets while platelet concentrates  or PRF contain approximately 90% platelets which contain important growth factors having ability to support wound healing process. Specially designed platelet concentrates such as platelet rich plasma and platelet rich fibrin ( PRF ) are basically blood derived bioactive surgical additives used a local application on the wound sites for promoting the  healing process. Autologous platelet rich plasma gel (PRP) is the first generation platelet concentrate which requires an activator for performing its beneficial actions. PRP can remain active up to 7-14 hours after its application in the surgical site. PRF with Wisdom Tooth Removal is an ideal treatment.

The drawbacks of PRP have been diminished and overcame by the development of second generation platelet concentrate, platelet rich fibrin (PRF). PRF does not need any activator for performing its regenerative and wound healing promoter functions. PRF is prepared by taking patient’s own blood and functions normally once placed at the intended site of action. It has been associated with sustained long term release ranging up to 14-28 days. PRP and PRF are rich in fibrinogen in addition to growth factors. PRF has been considered as a revolution in oral and dental regeneration procedures.

Our belief is that PRF is best treatment for Implant Surgery and Wisdom Tooth Removal. 

In addition to their beneficial role in wisdom tooth surgeries, PRP and PRF have following applications:

  • Periodontal regeneration,
  • Bone regeneration,
  • Surgical repair of alveolar clefts,
  • Dental implant Osseo-integration,
  • Socket healing,
  • Better handling of bone grafts due to its sticky nature,
  • Lowe jaw reconstructive surgery.

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