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Time Line for Getting a Dental Implant Tooth Replacement?


how long to get a dental implant


The short answer is a dental implant can be done in one day. Yes, you can get a dental implant in one day, but it is not that simple and every situation is different. How long it takes to get a tooth replaced depends on the quality of gum and bone, the health status of the patient, the skill of the dental implant dentist, the surgical technique and the kind of implant and bone grafting material used. How long does it take to get a dental implant on the average?


Different Dental Implant Clinical Situations


Tooth that needs to be removed and the gum and bone are in good condition


The best option for this situation is to carefully and atraumatically remove the tooth and replace the bad tooth root with an appropriately sized and shaped dental implant during the same procedure. This implant surgical procedure is called immediate dental implant placement. Because of the differences in shape and position of the tooth root and the dental implant, it may be necessary to do a bone graft with platelet rich fibrin or PRF. PRF with dental implant placement results in faster and stronger bone growth around the dental implant.


A tooth needs to be extracted but there is a small bone abscess


In this case, a dental implant may be able be able to be placed at the time of extraction, but it is absolutely necessary to remove the bacterial infection in the bone with an antibiotic and possible the use of dental ozone. The approach is to have the patient take the antibiotics a week prior to the extraction. Once the tooth is carefully removed, the extraction surgical site can be inspected for any active infection. In this case, if there is not active infection the implant can be placed into the tooth extraction site immediately. Since there has been bone loss, implant surgeon will need to do a bone graft with PRF.


dental implant time


Tooth needs to be removed and there is a lot of infection


I this case, the tooth will need to be removed and bone grafting and PRF surgery will need to be performed. In cases of server infection, a bone graft may need to be done at a later date, but long story short, the implant will not be able to be done till after a 3-4 month bone healing period. It is best not to rush the implant healing process.


When can a crown be placed on top of the implant?


dental implant healing time


The crown can be placed on top of the dental implant in 3 months. Once a dental implant is placed, it usually takes 3 months for the bone cells to grow new bone that will grow around and attach to the dental implant. The Crown can be placed at 3 months once the dental implant healing has been verified. Implants will heal properly 95% of the time. Placing a crown earlier than three months may lead to failure of the dental implant.

Can Teeth be Replaced in one Day?


If it sounds to good to be true, then it usually is too good to be true. It takes 3 month for bone cells to grow around and attach to an implant. If a crown is placed to early, it can cause failure and bone loss, making it even more difficult to replace the dental implant. If a tooth is lost in the smile zone, we can provide a cosmetic temporary tooth that does not put pressure on the newly placed implant. The ads on TV normally do not tell you, but the new tooth you get on the same day is a temporary tooth.


But I saw on a website that Implants can be placed and the tooth placed on the same day?


how long to get an implant


This is called immediate implant and immediate loading. Immediate implant loading is very risky business. This technique dramatically increases the chances for failure. If the implant fails, the damage could also be catastrophic. For example, but implant may fail with a massive infection and bone loss, causing months of bone graft surgery before a new implant can even be placed.

I personally do not do immediate load cases due to the risks and potential consequences of failure. The cases that fail leave the patient wishing they had not done immediate load. It’s like rolling the dice with huge stakes…

Dental Implant Time Line for Getting a Tooth Replaced? How long does it really take to get a tooth replaced with a dental implant really depends on a variety of factors.


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