Same Day Teeth – All on 4 Dental Implants in one day?

All on 4 dental implants be completed in one day?

teeth in a day all on 4 implantsYes. An implant dentist can remove all your remaining teeth, place dental implants, take a record and fabricate a full mouth dental implant All on 4 bridge the same day. The Real question is Should this be done,  1) what are the risks and potential complications and 2) what is gained if you role the dice and are successful.

Should all on 4 Dental Implants be Completed on the Same Day as Implant Surgery

You be the judge. The background: On the day of All on 4 dental implant surgery the implant specialist will remove all your remaining teeth and place several dental implants. At this point the you body will need to totally remodel all the bone around the implants and actually create a connection. This is called implant osseointegration. Implants are not screws and the do not stay in your mouth as a mechanical anchor. The implant is actually held in place by the strength of the biological connection made as your bone grows around and attaches to the implants. This takes a bare minimum of 8-10 weeks. In the interm the implants are held in place because they are actually screwed in initially (implant specialists call this implant primary stability). During implant integration, the connection between implant and your bone weakens before it strengthens. Also your body will need to grow bone to fill in all the holes where your teeth were pulled. Additionally, your gums will change shape, heal and take on a totally new and somewhat unpredictable shape.

What can be Complications of completing All on 4 in One day?

  1. Implant failure and loss of the entire All on 4 Implant Bridge. The success rate of implant placement is 90-95% for immediate load (implants where chewing pressure is placed immediately). Since there are 4-6 implants per bridge, you have up to a 40-60% chance of an implant failing.
  2. Bone loss and infection secondary to implant failure. You could lose so much bone from pushing the envelope that you need months of bone grafting before you can even try to replace the dental implants
  3. Pain and Suffering
  4. Dissatisfaction with the appearance and function of the implant bridge. Since the Bridge is done in one day, you will not have an opportunity to test drive the bridge and make modifications if you do not like it.

What do you stand to gain if you roll the dice and Same Day Implants works?

Then it works and you got your teeth done in a day and hopefully you are satisfied. I consider this poor management of risks and unnecessary risk.

The best way to do All on 4 Implant dentistry is to remove all the teeth, place all the implants in one day (basically do all the dirty work in one day) and deliver a high quality set of temporary All on 4 implant teeth that do not put pressure on the healing implants. The Temporary teeth will be delivered the same day so you will not go around without teeth. The teeth will give you something to “try or test drive” so you can make changes and get a better result when you receive the final one.

The temporary teeth are worn for 8-12 weeks as the implants and gums heal, then we verify the implants are healed, see what changes we want to make in the final implant All on 4 Bridge and finally have the implant bridge made. With this approach we can achieve your goal of replacing all your teeth with a full mouth of dental implants without exposing you to unnecessary risk and possibly delivering a compromised result because we did your case on a prayer that no implants would fail and guessed at where your gums and jaws would heal. With a hiqh quality temporary in place, you also get to test drive a prototype and get an opportunity to make improvements prior to making the final bridge. I like surprises, but I like them at Christmas. And also, if you lose an implant and get infection, you could be doing one or possibly more surgeries to get the implants to work again.

What are the different Kinds of All on 4 Implant Bridges?

same day all on 4 implantsAs another aside, today most all one 4 implant bridges are made of pure tooth colored zirconia rather than the old way with titanium gray metal and plastic. The machines that mill the zirconia costs 10s of millions of dollars and dentist with labs in their office cannot afford them…only labs that process thousands of these cases per year can afford to buy them. Ask your dentist what kind of All on 4 bridge you are getting. Are you getting pure Zirconia or are you getting titanium metal and acrylic plastic? Implant Dentists who do same day All on 4 make them in their office and they make them out of metal and plastic.

all on 4 implant problemsIt is basically a denture screwed into implants. This kind of All on 4 bridge is also called a hybrid denture because it is denture material (normally removable) that is screwed into implants -hence “hybrid.” True Full Mouth All on 4 Implant Bridges are made of tooth colored Zirconia. Zirconia is a specialized porcelain which is much thinner than a hybrid denture and feels like high quality porcelain and natural teeth and not like plastic. Make sure you know what you are getting.

Do the Risks equal the potential rewards of Same Day All on 4? You make the Call based on an informed decision.

Is All on 4 Dental Implants Strong enough or Do you need 5 or 6 Implants?

Always a good debate. The jury is out as to whether or not 4 implants are strong enough to support a full upper or lower set of teeth. 5 or six would definitely be stronger than 4 and you do not need to be a dentists to know that. 3 is not enough, so if a single implant fails you lose the case. Why not place one or two as an insurance policy? In the grand scheme of the case, 1 or 2 more implants ads marginally to the cost of the case, seriously. Are you paying enough for the case? If you place one or two extra ones, if you lose one after the initial healing period, you can still finish the case if you have at least 4 implants. If you placed 4 and lost one, you are starting all over again with the bridge, wasting tons of time, money and doing another surgery.

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