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Same Day Immediate Implant vs After Grafting and Healing

dental implant surgery procedure

By Dr. Gary Adams who has successfully done thousands of dental implants in Burtonsville near Silver Spring, Clarksville and Columbia Maryland. Dr Adams does single implants and full mouth dental implant surgery.

Single tooth replacement with a Dental Implant procedure can be in one of two Different Ways:

What is Immediate Dental Implant Surgery:

same day implantImmediate implant is where a bad tooth is taken out and an implant is put into the jawbone on the same day. The situation is where there is a bad tooth (the one that needs to be removed) is currently occupying the space where a tooth replacement needs to go. This is opposed to where there is no tooth present and a new tooth is desired.

Immediate implants is often done when replacing a full set of teeth with implants. A full upper or lower set of teeth can be replace with implants in different ways. Some implant teeth are permanent and others such as implant dentures are removable teeth. The implant surgeon will remove all the bad teeth, put in new implants and do any necessary bone grafting at the same time. Usually, the dentist puts in a new set of teeth that the patient will use during the healing period.

What is the advantage of immediate implant surgery?

  1. Save time
  2. Only get one surgical procedure when a tooth is removed and an implant is done during the same procedure.
  3. Better gum and bone healing – gum tissue and bone tissue do not collapse into an extraction site when implant surgery is done with tooth extraction
  4. Better gum and bone healing – the body is ready to heal when a tooth is removed. The healing is typically better and can be stronger when a implant is done with the extraction.
  5. Better cosmetic and more natural looking results. If gum and bone are not lost, a tooth implant looks more like a natural tooth with proper gum proportions around the tooth.
  6. Shorter time without a tooth. How long would you want to go without your front tooth? Or any tooth for that matter?

For cases of Dental Anxiety it may be necessary to have sedation dentistry, but it is not required.  We offer IV sedation. Anesthesia can be achieved with a local anesthesia just like what is used for a dental filling.  Laughing gas aka NO2 can also be used as a twilight sedative for implant surgery.

Delayed Dental Implant Surgery vs Immediate

In the event the dental implant is unable to be placed, due to lack of bone support or a large jaw infection, sometimes the proper clinical decision is to do a bone graft, let the body heal and “delay” the implant surgery to a later date. In some cases a healing period may be necessary to achieve optimal results. In general, the body can take up to 6 months for this to happen, although it is often times a shorter wait.

Delayed placement, or placing an implant where there is currently no tooth, is a usually a straight-forward procedure.

How Long does it Take to get a tooth replaced with Dental Implants?

  1. The first appointment for a dental implant, whether taking the tooth out and placing the implant or simply placing the implant can be conceptualized as replacing the root of the tooth first. The body is allowed to heal for roughly 2-3 months.
  2. During the second appointment, an impression of the surrounding teeth and gums in addition to the dental implant is taken for the lab to craft a new crown (the portion of the tooth one sees.) This appointment does not require dental anesthesia.
  3. The third and final appointment, roughly 1-2 weeks later, the final dental implant crown is delivered to the patient along with a connector called an abutment. The patient’s bite is checked and the esthetics are verified. Some minor adjustments may be necessary but in general, no dental anesthesia is required.

There are also other varieties of the dental implant procedure for other scenarios including replacing multiple teeth at a time or using implants to secure dentures.

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