What is Myobrace Treatment vs Braces?

Myobrace® Treatment for Optimal Dental Growth and Development Myobrace and Expanders can be an Alternative to Braces Or at least a head-start to getting a smile that is healthy and straight. As a parent, you want the best for your kids, especially when it comes to...

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Teeth Should not be Pulled for Braces and Straight Teeth

Do Not Remove Teeth and then Get Braces for Straighter Teeth It is almost never a good idea to extract teeth and straighten them with braces. Long story-short, taking such an action will likely do the following things: Poor reverse profile and shrunken facial bone...

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AGGA Appliance Vs DNA and ALF Appliances

AGGA Appliance vs DNA? What appliance is better? The DNA is a better appliance because it promotes growth of the jaws forward, wider and taller. The AGGA only promotes growth forward. It is really that simple. With airway and TMJ and bite balance treatment, the goal...

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Full Mouth Dental Implants Video – Replacing All Teeth

Video about Replacing All Teeth with Full Mouth Dental implants How much is it to replace all your teeth with implants? Are you trying to determine how to replace a complete set of teeth with permanent implant teeth?Are you comparing the fees and prices of different...

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ALF Appliance / Advanced Lightwire Functional Video

ALF Appliance Video about Treating Crowded Teeth and Cranial Asymmetry The ALF appliance Video by Dr. Adams discusses how the ALF is a great alternative to braces when it comes to straightening kids teeth. Because the appliance will create room by stimulating growth...

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Why You Should not Replace Teeth with Dental Implants

The Problems with Dental Implants No one wants to go without teeth. The sales pitch for replacing teeth for dental implants is not a difficult one. And yes, implants are great and there is reason for excitement and hype. But slow down, because there are many reasons...

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Bone Graft Myths and Truths Debunked

Truths about bone grafting And a Holistic protocol 1. Bone grafting is foreign material that stays in your body forever. It'd be horrible to have a pig or horse bone in your jaw for life-how disgusting. No bone graft material stays in your jaw forever. The material is...

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