Full Mouth Zirconia Metal Free Implant Bridge #52

Case Study of Complete Zirconia Implant Teeth #52   The case of the denture wearer with buyers remorse. In picture one, the patient had no visible remaining teeth. The final after picture shows beautiful full mouth zirconia implant teeth. The case involved a...

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Composite vs Silver Amalgam Tooth Fillings

Amalgam vs. Tooth Colored Fillings If you’ve ever received amalgam fillings, you know what they are – metal placed in the tooth to fill a cavity. When you open your mouth, you see the metal. It’s a telltale sign you had a cavity. The shiny silver tooth filling. Most...

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Are Silver Amalgam Fillings Safe in the mouth?

Are Silver Amalgam Fillings Safe? Silver amalgam is a common material to fill cavities. You probably know what these are if you’ve had them or seen them in someone’s mouth. It’s the silver that shows in the middle of back teeth. They fill in the cavity. Is it safe to...

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Do I Need to Get a Root Canal – Is it Necessary

What If I do not Get Root Canal, But I was told I Need One? Are you worried about getting a root canal? Do you really need to get a root canal? Most people report that root canal treatment is painless, and easy procedure and has a short and uneventful recovery period....

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Why You Should Get Zirconia Dental Implants not Titanium

20 Reasons to get Zirconia Implants and Not Titanium Titanium has been the preferred material for dental implants for the last 40 years. The implants are affordable and they produce very satisfactory results compared to dentures and false teeth. Putting titanium...

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How to Stop Teeth Grinding and Clenching

Truth About Grinding Teeth Millions of people suffer from the simple habit of tooth grinding or bruxism. For some it is a minor annoyance. For many others, it can be causing life altering TMJ pain. So, what is the best way to get rid of this pesky habit? What are the...

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Snap On Dentures vs Conventional Denture Teeth

Regular Dentures vs Snap On Teeth Regular dentures can be tiring and annoying. Worrying about how they come out while eating or talking with friends or clients during a business meeting? Many of our snap on implant patients have lived through the experience, but they...

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