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What is a Crossbite?




Bad bites come in all shapes and sizes. A crossbite is a specific malocclusion where the relationship between the upper and lower teeth are reversed. The upper teeth are supposed to be out and overlapping the lower teeth. In the case of a crossbite, the lower teeth are out ahead of the upper teeth. Overbites not only look bad but they are associated with mouth breathing, TMJ pain, sleep problems and bad posture.


How to Fix Crossbites


A crossbite is usually created when the upper jaw does not grow to be large enough. Orthodontic expanders are dental appliances used to stimulate the jaws to grow larger. There are many different kinds of expanders available for adults and kids depending on the specific kind of crossbite.

Crossbites and other bad bites are usually caused by developmental issues related to poor tongue function, tied tongues and lips and a soft diet.

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