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What is Pediatric Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic Dentistry is for Kids in Burtonsville Maryland:


Holistic dentistry is dental services carried out with your child’s overall wellness in mind. Our biggest concerns are  proper facial profile, dental arch development and breathing patterns during sleep. And of course, cavity and gum disease prevention.


Goals of Pediatric Holistic Dentistry


  1. caries prevention
  2. gum health
  3. healthy growth of the jaws
  4. nasal breathing patterns
  5. proper tongue function
  6. normal sleep patterns
  7. attractive smile and a balanced bite


If you are looking for holistic or biological dentistry for your children, we can help.  We are located near Baltimore and Washington DC metro areas. We do not use metals, fluorides or filling materials with BPAs. All our pediatric materials are safe and effective for children and adults.
Our most popular services performed by Dr Adams are growth and development expanders and tongue and lip tie procedures. These important services correct teeth crowding, sleep disorders (including pediatric sleep apnea) and bite problems and orthodontics.

Orthodontic Palatal Expanders for Kids


Growth and development devices are also called expanders. There are many different kinds of expanders for kids to help prevent problems in adulthood such as tmj dysfunction and sleep apnea. Most children do not experience sleep apnea and bruxism problems as adults can. Pediatric sleep apnea can happen, but more commonly we will see teeth crowding, sleep disordered breathing, stunted growth and development and poor attention span and focus. Usually the more painful tmj dysfunction problems happen in adulthood.

What to Expect at Your Childs First Holistic Dental Visit


  1. Complete dental exam and teeth cleaning
  2. assessment of oral-facial and dental development
  3. what age the child may need braces
  4. screening for tongue and lip ties
  5. Fluoride, metal and BPA free materials only
  6. Latex Free
  7. Low Radiation Digital X-rays


Pediatric Biological Dental Services:


  1. Lip Tie Release
  2. Tongue Tie Release
  3. ALF Appliance
  4. Schwarz Appliance
  5. Myobrace
  6. Twin Block
  7. Crozat Appliances
  8. DNA Appliance by Vivos
  9. Porcelain Fillings
  10. Tooth Removal


Kids biological dentistry is one of the most important parts of our practice. We evaluate your child’s health with the utmost concern and care. When necessary, we will address any dental, developmental or health needs as early as possible. With holistic dentistry we understand overall health and dental health are integrated and connected as one.


Video about Orthodontic Expanders for Kids


YouTube video


Facial Profile and Dental Arch Development


this is the big one and most often overlooked. Jaw and facial underdevelopment and incomplete orthodontist services are the leading causes of TMJ pain symptoms and sleep apnea.  Small mouths and airways cause poor sleep and decreased production of growth hormones. Few things are more important to a child’s overall health than proper mouth and facial development. Just be sure to never pull teeth for braces or any orthodontic treatment. It is better to promote growth and development with expanders, so all the teeth have room to fit. And it is important for the mouth and jaw spaces to have enough room for proper airway performance.


Important Factors of Child Facial Development


  • Jaw Size and Alignment
  • Forward Facial Profile
  • Tongue size, tongue position, tongue range of motion and normal swallowing
  • Palatal size and shape
  • Nose breathing patterns
  • Head, neck and shoulder posture
  • Sleeping pattern
  • Dental arch growth, teeth eruption patterns


holistic pediatric dentistry
Healthy facial growth is very important. Diagnosing facial underdevelopment is necessary for the wellness of your kids.


What are the signs of Facial Under Development?


  1. Tooth Crowding and Expensive Orthodontic Problems
  2. Unattractive Facial Shape, Facial Profile and Smile
  3. Poor Breathing
  4. Poor Sleeping
  5. Poor Growth Hormone Production
  6. Poor Posture
  7. TMJ Pain in Adulthood
  8. Sleep Apnea in Adulthood
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