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Does Dental Implant Surgery Cause Pain

Dental Implant Surgery is not a painful process.

The patient is given a local anesthetic prior to the start of Dental Implant placement so the patient does not feel pain during the procedure. For patients who are nervous or apprehensive, laughing gas (nitrous oxide), Oral Sedation Dentistry, and in more severe cases IV sedation dentistry can be utilized. In general, the Dental Implant placement does not take longer than fifteen – thirty minutes for the vast majority of cases, and most patients do not require Sedation Dentistry.

replace all teeth with implantsThe local anesthesia continues to keep the patient comfortable for about two hours after the Dental Implant placement. The patient is encouraged to begin their medication prior to the anesthesia wearing off for a more comfortable rest of the day. Patients can expect to feel a slight dull ache for a day or two, which can be minimized with a cold compresses the same night of the dental implant surgery. Most patients who have Dental Implant Surgery, go to work the very same day, and day after the surgery. Your Implant Dentist will prescribe the appropriate medications to keep you comfortable before, during and after the procedure.

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