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Price Guide to Different Kinds of Dentures and False Teeth?


denture options and cost


The following is a resource for all different kinds of denture costs. The cost of replacement false teeth can vary drastically. When you begin researching the cost of different denture designs, you will quickly find that the cost for a traditional dentures can range from $1,500 – $6,000.

Implant dentures ( implant retained) can cost from $7,500 to more than $35,000. It depends on if teeth need to be removed and if there is one implant denture of a full mouth of snap on dentures getting made.

Permanent implant teeth or implant supported dentures cost $40,000 – $60,000 for a full mouth replacement. A single arch will cost $20,000 – $30,000. The prices include getting put to sleep with dental sedation.


All on 4 Permanent Denture Video


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Removing All Teeth is Expensive


The price for oral surgery can be quite high if teeth need to be removed. And the price for even a single implant can knock your socks off. Some patients question if the cost is realistic or if the dentist is trying to take advantage of them. This article will explore the prices for different kinds of dentures. This can help you have a better understanding of the expected costs and why the results are worth the expense.

Dentures by definition are “removable” and fit to the shape of gums where teeth used to be. If someone wants teeth that are not removable, they will need permanent implant teeth.


What are Dentures?


dentures and false teeth


Most people know what regular false teeth are. Dentures either replace some of the teeth or a full set of teeth. Dentists usually call dentures that replace all your teeth, “complete dentures.” In order to get a complete denture, all existing teeth need to be removed if they are not already removed. Often called, full dentures, the replacement set of teeth stays in the mouth like a suction cup. Complete dentures cost $2000 – $5000 per arch.


How Dentures Work


Complete dentures have a tendency to be quite unstable and can come dislodged during eating or talking. Some people will use denture glue called Fixodent to help hold the teeth in the mouth better. Upper complete dentures usually fit better than lower ones. That is because the lower jaw is smaller and there is not as much surface area for suction. The tongue also is in the bottom jaw and it moves around and pushes on the lower denture.


What are Partial Dentures?


partial dentures


Partial dentures stay in the mouth by clipping onto existing teeth. Partial dentures are false teeth that replace some but not all the teeth. The advantage of partial false teeth is that the partial teeth can clip on to the remaining natural teeth for stabilization. Sometimes partial dentures have some suction like complete denture plates. Partial dentures are either rigid or flexible. Traditional partials are usually rigid and are made of metal and acrylic. Flexible dentures also called “Valplast” and are made of a flexible plastic. Rigid partials last longer, but flexible dentures do not have any metal and look better. Rigid dentures usually cost $2000 – $4000 per arch. Flexible denture prices range from $1500 – $3500. Partial dentures are usually more stable than complete dentures because they attach to teeth and the gum tissue. People usually prefer the feel of partials because they still have some of their own teeth and the feel of natural chewing and sensations.


Immediate Same Day Dentures


affordable dentures before and after


“Immediate” describes a technique more than a type of denture. Immediate dentures are ones that are put into the patients mouth the same day other teeth are removed. Usually immediate dentures are worn for a short period of time while the gums heal after teeth extractions. After a healing period, people will typically start the process of having a permanent denture made. The permanent denture usually fits a lot better because the gums have healed and a good fitting denture can be made. Immediate dentures can be either for partial or complete dentures. Immediate dentures usually cost $1000 – $2000. Immediate dentures are usually used as temporary teeth while the gums are healing “immediately” after oral surgery.


Snap in Denture Teeth


snap on denture


Snap on dentures can be either complete or partial. Snap ons teeth are also called “over dentures.” Complete replaces all the teeth and partial replaces some of the teeth. Implant dentures have attachments that help the denture to stay in the mouth. The attachments are also called locator attachments. They are made by Zest Anchors. The denture still fits the gums and teeth just like traditional complete and partial dentures. The dental implants and snap-in attachments help keep the denture in the mouth and secure during chewing and talking. Generally implant dentures have 2-4 implants. Implant dentures usually cost $7500 – $20,000 per arch. The costs go up when there are more teeth extractions and implants necessary. Often there is a discount when the upper and lower dentures are made at the same time.


What are Snap In Dentures Video


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How to Clean Dentures


Dentures should be professionally cleaned every 6 months. The patients gums and the fit of the denture should be checked also. If the denture is a snap-in denture, the plastic inserts also need to be replaced. And the implants need to be cleaned around and evaluated. Most dentures will maintain a good fit for 1-5 years depending on patient health status and when all the natural teeth were removed. If the fit of the denture to the gums stops fitting a procedure called a “re-line” can be done. The procedure is usually done at the lab, but it can also be done in the dental office while the patient waits.


How Long do Dentures Last?


Longevity of dentures is highly variable on how the patient takes care of the denture. Also what the patient eats and how hard ad what they chew. It is very important to perform maintenance when necessary. If necessary relines are not performed , for example, the denture can break and need to be replaced. Replacement is much more expensive than a reline. Denture relines usually cost $500 – $800. Dentures that are well maintained can last 5-15 years.

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