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ALF Appliance Video about Treating Crowded Teeth and Cranial Asymmetry

YouTube video

The ALF appliance Video by Dr. Adams discusses how the ALF is a great alternative to braces when it comes to straightening kids teeth. Because the appliance will create room by stimulating growth of the jaws and teeth have more room to fit. The video shows the appliance and examples of different appliances and their applications. An ALF appliance has five very important benefits when your child’s development is growing askew and teeth are getting crowded and crooked:

  1. stimulate an increase in outward growth of the jaws. creates more space for the teeth to fit
  2. creates more room for the tongue to fit and function properly in the mouth
  3. promotes proper size, shape and dimension to the jaws top to bottom
  4. creates balance and symmetry between the jaws and other facial bones
  5. creates a better fit of the teeth and a better bite.
  6. increases the volume of space in the mouth and nasal passageways

The ALF appliance can make a smile look better and prevent many of the causes of TMJ, sleep apnea, orthodontic problems and postural problems. Where braces can retract teeth and more them backwards, the ALF can stimulate an increase in space in the mouth for teeth to fit into a more favorable position.

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