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About Us – Maryland Holistic Dentist in Burtonsville Silver Spring

How to know if a Dentist is Truly Holistic

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How is Maryland Holistic Dentist Different?


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Gary Adams DDS practices in a clean, metal free, mercury free and fluoride free dental office. He uses purified ozone water for all procedures. We utilize special air systems to filter out toxins including mercury gases, mercury vapors and other harmful gases. Dr Adams is IAOMT accredited dentist who offers safe removal of mercury in amalgam fillings. We have advanced 3D cone beam imaging for diagnosing failing root canals and other jaw bone infections. In addition to the most effective conventional techniques, Dr. Adams combines dental PRF, oxygen and ozone treatment.

We are located in Burtonsville near Silver Spring Maryland


Dr. Adams preselects materials that are metal-free, safe and biocompatible. “Every material placed into the mouth has an impact on our biology,” says Dr. Adams…”We should select those with the smallest and safest biological impact possible.” Dr. Adams has been replacing teeth permanently with implants for 19 years. Teeth are frequently lost from decay, root canal failure, and teeth clenching issues“No one should have to accept losing teeth…my job is to repair and replace teeth while respecting overall health and biology… and also prevent future teeth loss by diagnosing and correcting the underlying cause…”

What is a Holistic Dentist Anyway?


We are a dental practice with a natural approach to treating adults and children. Holistic dentistry is sometimes called biological dentistry. Honestly, if you did not know the difference, to most people we would seem like any other high quality dental office. For many that is all we need to be. Our practice is located in the Maryland DC metro area in Burtonsville near Silver Spring and Columbia Maryland.


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Overall Health is in our Plan – Holistic Approach


Maryland Holistic Dentist creates healthy smiles for adults and children. Our treatments never come at a compromise to overall health. We are a fluoride-free and mercury-free dental practice. We do not use any metals or toxic chemicals. We preselect biocompatible, organic, safe and effective dental materials. When removing materials such as amalgam mercury fillings we do so in a safe manner. The goal of safe removal is to avoid exposing anyone or our practice to potentially harmful toxins.

We have special air filtration and clean water systems to ensure safe environment and cleanliness in our dental office. There is no such thing as a completely “natural” dental material and what is safe for one person may not be safe for another. We can do dental material testing and when we believe someone may have a sensitivity to a material. If a material or tooth is affecting your health, we will remove it safely and replace it with a healthier option. Some examples of “healthier options” may be:

  1. metal and BPA-free fillings and crowns
  2. metal free zirconia implants vs titanium implants
  3. dental ozone-oxygen therapy
  4. porcelain fillings vs amalgam fillings.

How to Know if a Dentist is Holistic or Not?


  1. Ozone. Every natural holistic dentist owns an ozone generator. An ozone generator turns O2 or normal room oxygen into O3 or ozone. Ozone is used in just about every dental procedure to promote healing and kill pathogens including bacteria and fungus. If a dentist does not have an ozone generator, they are definitely not holistic.
  2. Safe mercury amalgam filling removal. No holistic dentist would ever remove mercury without using a safe protocol such as the IAOMT SMART removal protocol.
  3. Dental material biocompatibility testing. Placing materials that are biocompatible is the hallmark of a holistic dentist. After all the primary principle of holistic dentistry is the health of the mouth and what is in the mouth impacts overall health.
  4. Metal free and fluoride free dentistry. Holistic dentists do not use fluoride or metal.
  5. Holistic dentists do not do root canals. Holistic dentists would never think leaving dead teeth full of bacteria in the mouth is a good idea.
  6. Use of platelet rich fibrin in extraction sites. Use of a proper extraction protocol including PRF, ozone and removal of the periodontal ligament.
  7. use of zirconia vs titanium implants


Our overall philosophy is natural, holistic, biological and safe. In addition to general dentistry care, our Burtonsville practice has a focus in the following areas:

  1. Sedation Dentistry
  2. Implant Options to replace a full mouth of teeth
  3. TMJ-TMD Pain Treatment
  4. Wisdom Teeth Removal


Additional procedures we perform holistic orthodontics, oral surgery, Vivos DNA Appliance Therapy.

We work with many naturopathic physicians, conventional medical doctors and other like-minded holistic and natural health practitioners.

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