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Las dentaduras permanentes del implante son más estables que las dentaduras semi permanentes

Al hablar sobre los tipos de dentadura dental del implante, hay una distinción entre las dentaduras permanentes del implante y las dentaduras desprendibles semi-permanentes del implante. Las dentaduras semi permanentes del implante también se llaman las dentaduras del implante o las dentaduras del localizador. Tanto las dentaduras permanentes de implantes como las prótesis dentalesremovibles pueden ser utilizadas para los dientes de reemplazo en la mandíbula superior o inferior. Semi Permanent Dentures are also called Implant Dentures or Dentures with Implants.

Permanent Implant Dentures most closely resemble natural teeth. These Fixed Dentures are permanently secured to four to six Dental Implants via a laboratory fabricated precision metal under-casting. A minimal amount of denture material is used to replicate the look of the gum tissue. This type of permanent denture allows for maximal space for the patients tongue. The advantage of choosing to replace teeth with a Permanent Implant Denture is the patient does not have to remove their teeth at night and there is virtually no chance of the denture dislodging during speaking or eating. The only drawback to this type of tooth replacement is the price, generally this the most expensive treatment option due to the amount of laboratory work required. Having said that, the patient never has to worry about taking their teeth out at night and maintenance required involves coming to their dentist every three – six months to have the Permanent Implant Dentures are also called All on 4 Dental Implants.

By contrast, removable Semi-Permanent Implant Dentures are a fantastic treatment option for patients looking to replace their teeth in either the upper or lower jaws. Removable Implant Dentures have the added advantage of securing to multiple Dental Implants, making them incredibly difficult to dislodge during speaking and eating. They are generally less expensive that Permanent Implant Dentures, due to less laboratory work required. Removable Implant Dentures have attachments built into the denture that function like a ball and socket joint. The Implant Dentures clip into place and their strength can be adjusted based on the patients needs. Semi-Permanent Implant Dentures must be removed at night in order for proper cleaning and the attachments should be checked by your dentist every nine to twelve months.

Both Permanent Implant Dentures and removable Semi-Permanent Implant Dentures are great options for patients who struggle with loose or ill fitting dentures, or patients who are looking to restore their mouths without worry of dentures that fly out when eating or speaking. Stop by our office for your complimentary consultation with one of our expert dentists to see if either Permanent Implant Dentures or Semi-Permanent Removable Dentures are right for you.

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